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King Right 64 Y-Shallow Swap

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July 23, 2020 at 9:41am

On the “Holy Buckeye,” the play call was“King Right 64 Y-Shallow Swap.”

For someone like me who merely played soccer for many years and didn’t have to memorize plays, I have to say that play name is a mouthful in itself (although I understand there is significance in the specificity).

On a related note, in the review of some of the key moments from the 2014 season, Cardale and the others acknowledged some failures on execution on certain pass routes, positioning, etc—which I imagine is related to the number of plays everyone has to memorize and the occasional brain-lock here or there.

So, never having played football (other than with neighborhood friends growing up), I’m just curious: what is the total number of plays a typical high school offense has as part of its playbook?  And what would be the total number in the playbook of a major college program?

And, for those who played or coaches, from your experiences, what has been the typical percentage of plays where at least one player completely botched his assignment by not following through on his specific role?

Thanks to anyone who can help enlighten someone who has enjoyed watching Ohio State football from purely a spectator’s vantage point all of these decades.

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