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Did Harbaugh Tip NFL on Shea Patterson?

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April 29, 2020 at 1:11pm

I am starting to hear feint rumblings that the Shea Patterson situation may get murkier.   I have often stated that he was an average QB, but he is now the ONLY player invited to combine that did not get at least a UDFA.    He lead a BIG TEN team to quite a few victories and only 1 home loss (YES!) in his career at Michigan.

1.  It is FACTUAL that Shea Patterson floated the idea of getting a 6th year (google it) because of his transfer situation and injury at Ole Miss.   The (persistent) rumor is that he approached Jim Harbaugh and Jim basically said " thanks...good luck to you!"

2.  Harbaugh is known for not having a lot of empathy - he has been called out by multiple coaches and players for not assisting at all with transfers.   Nobody loves transfers, but Harbaugh seems to cause friction wherever possible and even comments on the players that does not help their cause.   Heck - Fickell still wants to fight Harbaugh over what happened to James Hudson.   Compare that to how we dealt with losing Joe Burrows....and why he was gracious to OSU at his Heisman.

3.  The fact that Patterson is not on a roster is because of an undisclosed injury...or there was something leaked to the NFL on Shea personally - work habits, football IQ, being a teammate etc.     We can mock Shea all we want, but this is puzzling...

Harbaugh does not seem to have a filter...he speaks and never really apologizes.   If he acknowledges that Shea is a GREAT QB - a 5 star recruit, where does the blame go for never winning anything?    Is there anyone who cannot see Harbaugh placing blame elsewhere?

I have to believe more will come out, but there is something more than Shea not being a solid QB....he cannot catch a flyer as a UDFA contract?   Really?

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