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Comment 05 Nov 2020

I was there,,,,,and I had an opportunity to meet Bo once.  Totally changed my mind...I finally understood the “Respect” part.

I was (unashamedly) in tears when Bo spoke about Woody....he was so kind and thoughtful...made me embarrassed that I used to hate the man.   It was apparent that they were very similar and truly loved one another. answer your question, Harbaugh will never garner that respect....

Comment 03 Nov 2020

Sure....he was downright complimentary...and very well spoken,  Is he an Engineering student.

I also LOVED the interview with feel me?  Did he have perfect SAT scores?  How can Michigan win with these scholars on their feel me?

Comment 03 Nov 2020

It is interesting you pointed this out.  Whenever I get into a discussion about my hatred of Michigan, I inevitably bring up their arrogance.   I call it “Arrogance without substance,” because what has UM done in the past 50 years? They have 1/2 of a Natty.  Wow.

imagine if we lost to Michigan or PSU.....or anyone and our QB replied like this to a legitimate question.   We would have went out of our minds....but for Michigan, the arrogance remains.

by the way...pretty much all Michigan Fans have the same smugness and elitist attitude.  One person who smirks incessantly and belittles OSU and their fans a lot is Rich Eisen.  During the broadcast, he had the audacity to tweet about blaming the refs.  That was all...he had 1 tweet....and it was to blame the refs.   He is a National Radio host....and he falls back to “blaming the refs,” just like UM fans do.

if you are on the fence about Eisen, do not be.  He made a comment once...and this is a quote “Both sides can go overboard on the Rivalry, but one side is more destructive and ridiculous.” And then he looks at the camera and goes “and we know who they are.”   
To me, Eisen epitomizes Michigan fan,,,,apologist for team, smug and always deflecting and blaming..

Hey Rich...who was that fan arrested for terrorists threats during THE GAME?  Who were they a fan of?

Comment 29 Oct 2020

Ha...good catch!  The "vacated" 2010 game messed up my IS 17-3 at 20....and you can add 1 more on along the way!

Comment 29 Oct 2020

Michigan fans tend to shy away from FACT BASED arguments..they prefer conjecture and how they "feel"...

Reality and Michigan fan are like oil and water....or Harbaugh and QB development....

Comment 29 Oct 2020

Any UM fan who is 110 or older can proudly proclaim "In MY lifetime, Michigan has a winning record vs OSU!"

Anyone under 110???   We OWN you!

Comment 29 Oct 2020

We need a plan to contain the QB this week.   He hurt Indiana by running...and that appears to be a challenge for us recently...and not just last week.  Our DTs need to get a better push up the field and I hope we have a spy (LB) on Clifford.

I promise, there will be times on Saturday that you will wonder - "why are we letting him scramble so much!"

I want to see more from our CBs....I hope I am wrong, but they did not play very fast last week.  hopefully, they play instinctive this week, because they are an athletic group.

Comment 28 Oct 2020

Funny you reference Vince Workman, but I played with John Austin....and he was faster and stronger than Vince....and Vince played many years in the NFL!   We never lost to Dublin.  If Austin got around the end, we just threw are hands up, because he was the fastest kid in the state.   John Austin won the 100 and 200 in 1983 and was almost unstoppable in football....but he hated it.   Ran in Olympic trials (100 meters).   John Austin was (maybe) 5,11" and could dunk standing..incredible strength.  Such a waste of football talent...

Mercker went to same high school - Dublin.  Great lefty!

Comment 28 Oct 2020

I played many basketball games against Todd Bell while at Ohio State.  He was the most intense on court person I have ever seen.  We beat his team once and I thought he was going to fight us....but he was actually nice AFTER the game.  He was a gifted athlete...but no outside shot!


Comment 27 Oct 2020

Congrats - you are one of the guys who does not get it.   It does not work that way...pylon is irrelevant in this scenario.  The football is  an oblong object. (this is the KEY point)  It is 100% possible to break the plane of the goal line before it hits out of bounds...AND THEN hits the pylon.

The SIDE of the ball hit the pylon - the NOSE was angled to cross the goal line.   The only 2 things that matter are the goal line and the out of bounds line.  If any part of the ball breaks the plane of goal line before it hits out of bounds, the conversion is good.

Pylon does not play into it on THIS play.....

Comment 27 Oct 2020

If you have a football, it is very easy to recreate this and understand. 

Go to any corner and angle the football so the MIDDLE is towards the corner.   Now, touch the wall with front of ball.   Is the ball touching the very corner meets - where the pylon would be?

No....because of the shape of the ball.   And the out of bounds (other wall!) does not count until the ball ACTUALLY touches.

I am not sure why people do not understand this....

Comment 26 Oct 2020

I agree - the pylon made them call it a TD on the field...and whatever was called on the field would have stayed.  Not enough video evidence to change anything...

If that happened to OSU, I would have been a tad upset...

Comment 26 Oct 2020

100% agree...but their QB has no touch whatsoever.  He could have underhanded that pass....

Comment 26 Oct 2020

I think 99.9% of the public is looking at the end of the PSU game 100% incorrectly.   The PYLON plays no part of it...ZERO.   Everyone keeps referencing it, but the pylon is 1005 irrelevant.

The key is did the tip if the nose break the VERY front edge of the goal line before the ball hit out of bounds.  EVERYONE (including the refs!) agrees that the ball hit the ground before the pylon...that is not the issue!

Imagine a wall shooting up on the very front edge of the goal line.  The singular question is - did the nose of the ball hit that wall before the ball hit the chalk out of bounds.   It is almost unreal - he ANGLES the ball so the TIP is forward. 

I 100% believe whatever was called on the field would have stood.  There is no way to be 100% sure because you would need simultaneous cameras looking at ground level for out of bounds (when it hits) and a camera 100% down the goal line to see if it broke plane.  There is the Parallax Error (same as our 1st down vs UM!) - where the angle tricks eyes into thinking ball is further forward.

Just leave the pylon out of it!

Comment 26 Oct 2020

My son got knocked out a few games back in high school...said he felt fine and was laughing.   He did the tests and was held out 2 weeks....

They have to answer a battery of questions before the season starts...they are basic and stuff they should know.....evidently, when he went thru after the hit, he did not score well and was required to sit....

Comment 25 Oct 2020

I am more concerned about RUN game then our defense.   I love Master Teague and he has blazing speed, but he just doesn't have that "quick to the hole" ability.  It killed us vs Clemson and he showed it again yesterday.  He is a bruiser...but we need quick feet.

I believe Steele will actually be the back we land with - he hits the hole fast and is elusive.    I cannot get a read on Sermon - he seemed out of sorts yesterday...