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Comment 6 hours ago

If you ever question the existence of GOD...or even Karma, think about Michigan!

God HATES Michigan!

Colorado Hail Mary

MSU Punt debacle

APP State (greatest upset in NCAA football history!)

It could not happen to a better program!


Comment 23 Sep 2020

Unfortunately, I can do better than that...I was AT both games.    It is the only time I have seen us lose at Michigan...and we were favored by double digits.   Not only did Biakabutuka destroy us, we literally never got past the 50....I know, because I had 50 yard line seats!

The Tai Street game cost us a National Championship.  One slip by Springs and we lose.   The ONLY TD allowed by Springs the entire year.....

Thanks for reminding me.   I never get complacent...and I never forget to relish beating those self absorbed dolts.

Comment 22 Sep 2020 is the most ridiculous take over there!!!

"Probably because it is one of the greatest rivalries in all of sport. Despite dominating us for nearly the last two decades, they still ache from decades of thrashings. We also have more national championships, more B1G championships, and a winning record head-to-head.  They hate those facts. They also hate the academic prestige of our university. And, if you cannot tell, their whole state relentlessly obsesses over Michigan year round. " an OSU fan, have you EVER been upset that michigan has:

More National Championships?  HA HA - sure...we are SUPER JEALOUS of those 8 National Championships that occurred BEFORE 1933.  I lose sleep over it.   They have EXACTLY 1/2 of a NATTY in the last 72 years.....we are shaking!   I love that he really believes we spend even a nanosecond on this.

More Big Ten Championships?   OK......UM has 3 this CENTURY!!!   We have 3 in the LAST 3 years!  We have TEN this have to go back to 1988 to get 10 for UM!    So...again, we are not exactly fretting over this!

Winning Record Head to Head - FUN FACT!   There is not a PERSON ON EARTH who has seen Michigan win more games head to head.  Go back ANY amount of years - and we have a winning record!

Are you 26?  We are 19-8!

55?  31-23!        

 80?  42-34-4!

100? 52-45-4

Of course, if you were born in 1893, Michigan TAKES THE LEAD!!!!!!!!

ACADEMICS - sure...they are really good...not NORTHWESTERN good, but still solid!

Whatever helps them sleep, but this is beyond laughable....

Comment 18 Sep 2020

I tried to give the B1G network the benefit of the doubt, but listening the SIRIUS Channel, it is ridiculous how they try to "spin" how this all went down.

What sent me over the top is when they said  "Once we kick off on 10-24, all will be forgotten about what happened.   Warren will not be blamed...."


I want to go to the B1G championship game for the SOLE PURPOSE of booing him.   He will NEVER (ever!) outrun this.

Comment 17 Sep 2020

I hesitate to even comment on this - because I just had this very conversation with a coach on the team.  He said that Ryan Day is incredible - he listens, he is passionate and he treats people the right way.   He did not "bad mouth" Urban, but he did say that Ryan is just a more "personable" guy and players relate to him well. (better!)

There is real fear of the NFL calling.   He said RYAN DAY does not discuss that, but it is known that it is a possibility.

With that being said, he LOVES Ohio State - to the point he tears up at times discussing being a Buckeye.  The biggest thing we have going for us (I think!), is that he loves OSU and he has a young family.    His oldest child is going into 7th grade and stability is important to well as any of us!

I say enjoy what we have.   We are incredibly fortunate to have Ryan Day and he will always represent us well.....

Comment 17 Sep 2020

I went to the first game that Nebraska played at the Shoe as a member of the B1G.   I remember thinking that their fans are going to be amped up and talking trash...and I was 100% wrong.  

Nebraska fan were incredible.   They were kind, earnest and understood the game!     I always "liked" Nebraska when they were in the BIG 12, but after meeting fans, I root for them EVERY TIME they are not playing OSU.

Football means everything to Nebraska fans....they truly care and support their teams always.    I LOVE how hard they tried to force the issue to play this year....I supported them every step of the way.

This is sad news and I know BUCKEYES wish the best for SCOTT FROST and his family.   We are BUCKEYES, but the Corn Huskers are a good community.


Comment 14 Sep 2020

I wish him the best - we were VERY fortunate that he decided to come back in the first place.   

If the B1G had open communication and more transparency, I think (some of) this  could have been avoided.   The coaches are doing everything they can to keep the team unified...but unfortunately, someone else holds the key.

Comment 10 Sep 2020

I agree that Politics should not be a discussion point here...I see ENOUGH of that at MGOBLOG, but to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that OSU not playing is NOT POLITICAL is ridiculous.  People are not just injecting politics from left field...they are the ROOT CAUSE of what is occurring.

About 6 months ago, many BLOGS started removing comments and those that kept them got overzealous MODS.   The IRONY is that journalism hold "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" at is highest core value...yet MODs decide who they agree with and act accordingly.

If you told me the US would be this polarized and petty 5 years ago, I would have been really sad.   Now...I am sad.

Diversity and opposing perspectives are a good thing....allowing a "few" to decide what is acceptable is troubling....

Comment 03 Sep 2020

Last Week when OSU fans and team families protested no season..

MICHIGAN FAN "Ohio State and their fans are ridiculous.   They are nothing but a football factory and they do not care about their players.  They ignore science and it proves we are superior and we want scholars...not just athletes!"

This week...after Michigan fans and families protest....and a tweet from Harbaugh to play....

MICHIGAN FAN " We have proven we can stay safe.  We need to play - this is ridiculous!   Once again, Michigan has to lead the way to get this back on track!"

Just when I think I cannot hate UM fans more...I do.

Comment 27 Aug 2020

This is kind of interesting.   I play basketball with a guy who has a gifted athlete for a son....he just accepted a D1 scholarship and Ohio State was looking at him pretty hard.   Ultimately, he is going to a program that is probably a better fit and he will contribute right away.  I asked him who else in B1G recruited him and he said - Osu, MSU, Northwestern, Michigan and Wisconsin recruited him the hardest.   I asked about Michigan and he just rolled his eyes.  He said that his son went up to a game last year and met Harbaugh and was very uncomfortable - said he is a bizarre guy and "talks to you...but THROUGH you."

But - the more interesting comments came from what his son said after attending camps.  He said that the top tier guys all share "Weird Michigan" stories and they laughed.  His son said that campers were saying "who would ever play for Harbaugh -   "He is crazy and he LOSES every big game!"

The kid is a stud and I would have loved to see him in Scarlet and Gray, but I loved hearing his perception of UM.   

Comment 20 Aug 2020

I remember when I first heard that Michigan was a "liberal college" and I honestly did not know what it meant.    But - after reading their comments...I now do.

It bums me out that politics enters into sports at all, but if you read the majority of MGOBLOG, they are REALLY all about shutting everything down and waiting.  Not just football...but life.   They pontificate about how their president (Schlissel) is SO MUCH smarter than any other president.

We Buckeyes have a few of these also - people who think the government can just keep printing money and handing it out, but in UM world, it is over 90% of them.

There is only one problem with some point, you run out of other people's money. 

(and yes - I get the irony that I made a political statement!)

Comment 20 Aug 2020

I think this is the wrong tact.   We are going to attack BTN - they have done NOTHING but try to bring us what we want....and I think they do a good job.   BTN has NOTHING to do with this.

We would be hurting real people who work and provide....they are blameless.   

I just do not understand this new environment where the end justifies the means.   Have we all gone insane?

Comment 10 Aug 2020

The best thing that could happen would be for MORE young people to get it and they do at a VERY HIGH RATE.   Most people under 25 who have had it did not even know they did.

They become part of HERD IMMUNITY that ca no longer transfer the virus.   All of this "protection" is NOT stopping the deaths...simply SLOWING it down.   FLATTENING the curve is not meant to save is meant to NOT overrun hospitals.

The average age of death from Covid?  78 years old.

Average life expectancy? 72.6.

Spin it all you want.

Comment 10 Aug 2020

You are delusional.   Fields is a once on a decade or more talent.   We are losing one of the TOP O Lineman in the CB and top 5 receiver.   We are not going to just "bounce back" from that.   This team was STACKED and capable of winning a title.

Comment 06 Aug 2020

Here is why it IS his fault.    Go count the MSU players on the line - they were rushing 11...they have NOBODY back.  The UM still block and release to get downfield...WHY?

Michigan should have had BLOCKING as their only concern.

Watch it, UM was dumb.