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Comment 17 Feb 2020

I politely disagree.   I ran track at Ohio State and 4.45 speed is faster than  you can imagine.  OSU has been blessed to have some incredibly fast players - Tedd Ginn Jr, Paris Cambell, Galloway etc.

I love JK, but he got caught from behind SO many times.  4.4 guys do not get caught from behind.....ever.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

This is not good for us.   Very mediocre coach who is obviously a "stop gap" until MSU can line up a "name" coach.    Unfortunately, this makes Michigan stronger.   

Fickell would have made UM sweat.....Tucker makes them laugh.

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Correct move....and at least we did not "make it go away" like Michigan and Notre Dame did.    Both covered up very similar occurrences...and both profess to be "model schools."   Notre Dame's cover up resulted in a death...

UM kept their kicker for basically 2 more seasons....even was HONORED for senior day vs OSU.   I was there.....

Comment 08 Feb 2020

You are 100% right!

Everything is FINE in Ann Arbor!   This is EXACTLY what UM wanted and everything is just dandy!   Let's not quibble - Michigan is super awesome and we OSU fans are so jealous of everything you have...we would switch places in a heartbeat!

The only thing we can hang our hat on is actually winning in the current century, I guess.   We will have to be satisfied with that...

Comment 06 Feb 2020

I have to Believe Mgo Blog is NOT the typical UM fan, because they are BEYOND DELUSIONAL and  PARANOID.

UM is fun to beat because of these makes it that much sweeter!   I go to the site daily and rarely do I not find myself snickering and shaking me head.   I cannot imagine living such a pathetic existence...the paranoia is off the chart!

My favorite thing is they try to put OHIO down..."worst state ever!"   This coming from the State with the WORST CITIES in all of America!

Detroit - declared bankruptcy (!) and is nationally known as the worst city in the nation.    They cannot drink the water in Flint! They have 6 of worst 50 cities in the US!  Not my opinion.....WALL STREET JOURNALS!  And yet, they throw stones.

I could go on and on...they are beyond pathetic.

Comment 05 Feb 2020

You are being WAY biased on this.   Try to watch it objectively....which I know is QUITE challenging for Michigan fans.

Young barely fouled him...and if he did, it was MUCH EARLIER.  He does not even touch him on th block.   Simpson knows he was blocked and VIOLENTLY grabs Young to pull him in attempt to get a foul call...which he did.    Can you REALLY not see this?

Jerseys do not just RIP when someone grabs a hold.  Why is this so difficult for UM fans?

Name 1 time you have seen a basketball jersey ripped.....I will wait.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

I disagree about Trevor Lawrence - that kid is a warrior.    I have seen nothing from him other than a big desire to win.  I can appreciate not liking Clemson (we have NEVER beaten them!), but knocking Lawrence rings hollow....

Comment 05 Jan 2020

I will ALWAYS love Kirk Herbstreit.   Always.

I was sitting near his mom for the 1992 GAME.   She had a sweater - scarlet and gray- that was decked out as a tribute to Kirk.   The game was INCREDIBLY frustrating - a game we should have won. we had lost the previous 4 under Cooper, but this didn't feel much better.

After the game, Kirk approached his mom.  He was bawling - crying like he had lost a family member.  He was apologizing and lamenting "he should have done more."   I choke up even thinking about it...he was so distressed.  AND - he had not lost.   He was crying because he didn't BEAT Michigan.

He is in a NO WIN situation.   I think he is very fair, but everyone sees things through their own prism.  He HAS to be objective...if not, he would be a joke.

It bothers me that people question his love of the Buckeyes.....i saw it.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

You seems to have a soft spot for Ahrens, but he is NOT a BIG TEN player...he is a MAC player at best.    Even before his "injury" he was a defensive liability and he had ONE big game shooting.  Has he hit s 3 since?  I grimace every time he lofts up a shot.

He is shooting under 35% from the field....not from 3 point line...from the field.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

I hate being critical of a Freshman, but Carton has some opportunities.  We all can see his potential - I guess that explains the minutes he is receiving, but:

1.  He is a step slow on defense - opposing guards routinely get past him.   Every game.

2.  He is a turnover machine.   ILL advised passes and he LEAVES HIS FEET CONSTANTLY!   He gets up in the air and has to make a decision....kind of shocking for an elite athlete.   He probably could get away with that playing kids in high school.

3.  He penetrates and then has no plan - watch how often he gets pinned down low without a dribble.

I love that we have him, but he is making the same mistakes he was making a month ago.   I think Holtman is an excellent coach, but he needs to hold Carton accountable.....

Comment 03 Jan 2020

I have already done that...makes me sick.  Seriously sad.

We had a SAFETY playing 20 yards off on Olave...there is NOBODY in the middle of the field...nobody.    If Olave follows his route (POST) he is wide open.  It is astounding how WIDE OPEN he is.....

I recommend you do NOT look at it...Kyle Lamb has the play on his twitter.  You will be disheartened...

Also, our TE had nobody within10 yards on the bottom right of screen.   First down and stops the clock.

Comment 03 Jan 2020

I REALLY wanted Robinson.   I was shocked he flipped and STAYED with Texas.      We have developed backs WAY better and we have an offense that is proven to be RB friendly.

I know he explained it as "playing closer to home," but he lives in AZ!   I hate we missed out on him...

Comment 19 Dec 2019

Very Sorry to hear that.  I am an Ohio State Graduate, but my dad was not.   His love of the Buckeyes steered me to OSU and now 2 of my children graduated there also!


I love that he was bale to see the GOOD guys win another over the bad guys in blue!

Comment 17 Dec 2019

I would trade him in a heartbeat...along with Odell Beckham.

I was at the game with the helmet swing.   I would have cut him the next day.   He could have killed the guy..and he 100% started it.  It is embarrassing hearing Browns fans defend his actions.   And then he created an excuse...

Teams talk about CULTURE a lot, but few teams actually do anything about it.  Ohio State has done this - if you look at the quality of kid that Urban brought in, it was different.   People on the outside can mock Meyer all they want, but he recruited good kids from great families.    Heck - we used a 5 star AWAY  (Micah Parsons)from the program because he was not a good fit.   That is not easy to do.

When you see our guys interviewed, we are always proud.   They are thoughtful and they "get it."    That was NOT the case with Cooper - we had insane talent, but a horrible culture.

The Browns are a joke.   Freddie Kitchens was a flippin' running back coach and he was JETTISONED to the HC of an NFL team.   There is NO accountability and a bad culture.

Thank God we have the Buckeyes...

Comment 05 Dec 2019

I respect the Badgers.  The only time I actually hated them was when Bielema was there - he was a punk.  I think we were 5-1 against him, but he had an attitude of being better.  His "what is going on" look in every 4th quarter was enjoyable though....

The Badgers have an identity....and have forever.

They (typically!) have:

-A great line

- A REALLY good RB

- A serviceable QB

- 1 annoyingly good WR that we struggle to cover

- a solid and physical defense

- they are disciplined and rarely beat themselves.   (they are what UM used to be!)

I respect the Badgers - I wish them well every weekend but 1....or 2 this year!

Comment 05 Dec 2019 must be mistaken.  That only occurs at OSU games and directed towards UM fans.   They are really polite and endearing....

Please do not make up tales implying UM fans are not perfect...