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This Week's Question: If You Gave Ryan Day a Truth Serum, What Is the One Question You Would Ask Him?

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March 30, 2020 at 8:00am

Every game week during the 2019 season, Ryan Day held at least two press conferences at the Woody, often fielding questions for more than 25 minutes. Sometimes upwards of 45 minutes. 

Day has already become well-known for his laid back, NFL-like demeanor with the media in which he's almost always very calm and professional. He's terrific at coachspeak and rarely gives away too much. But that always got me thinking during those weeks – what if Day just starting speaking completely freely, letting out his true thoughts and feelings when Dan or Colin grill him?

What does he really think of Jim Harbaugh and Michigan's program? Does he truly believe his top competition does everything above board on the recruiting trail? Does his own program? What did he think of Urban Meyer as a boss and the way he ran the ship?

That brings us to this week's question I have for you guys: If you gave Ryan Day a truth serum and were allowed to ask him only one question about the football program, what would you ask him?

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