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Why The Game Might Matter More Than Ever

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March 28, 2020 at 1:36pm

At this point I think it’s impossible to predict how things will play out in the coming months with the spread of the virus and how/when life will return to normal.

And, naturally, in the midst of this, different entities including The Ohio State University and professional sports leagues have to try to do projections of different options depending on what is deemed safe at different points in time.

Re college football: I certainly hope it is not going to be an all or nothing approach.  By that I mean, I hope the powers that be don’t have some cutoff date by which a certain number of games have to be played in order to have a CFP—and, if that doesn’t happen, the season would be cancelled.

As a former athlete who played college soccer decades ago, I can affirm that you just want the opportunity to compete, plain and simple.  And if the opportunity in the fall would ultimately only amount to a significantly reduced schedule, I absolutely believe the players would want to go ahead with that (even if there was no opportunity to determine a genuine B1G champion or CFP qualifiers).

The bottom line: if the health experts finally deem it safe at a point down the road where there would only be time left for a 4- or 5- game season, I hope the B1G administrators and the individual college athletic departments sign off on that.

Because, in addition to giving the athletes an opportunity to compete once again, it would provide a chance for the players to participate in one more edition of The Game.  And that alone would make it worthwhile in my opinion.  


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