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If Ohio St "cheats" by "paying Players" Why Would Any of Them Transfer?

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December 6, 2019 at 1:15am

So we all know where these crazy rumors have come from. That delusional cesspool called mgoblog forum. All we have been doing is mocking the craziness and I know we shouldn't acknowledge it and should mock it, but now it's time to poke holes in the craziness bubble.

So why would a player like Keandre Jones go from supposedly paid professional to unpaid intern by transferring to Maryland. Unless now Maryland is paying players also.

Why would Shea Patterson transfer from known recruit buyer and player payer Ole Miss to now being an indentured servant at TTUN. Unless TTUN is now paying players also.

Why would Rashan Gary apparently turn down 180,000 dollars that Clemson was trying to give him, to go be an unpaid dupe at TTUN.

Why would Joe Burrow go to L...S....Ummm let's just move on

Apparently Blue Smith no longer wanted to get those paychecks and left Ohio St for the prestige of Cincinnati, no not the pro team who actually pays but the Bearcats.

I mean I don't know if they are drunk (it is possible that state is boring) stupid (also possible, I mean it's not like they're breeding smart people, as smart people wouldn't A. Live in that state and B. Be TTUN fans)

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