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Did Anyone else Have a Close Encounter with a Fan of TTUN Yesterday?

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December 1, 2019 at 11:49am

Mine came here in southern Cal in a Starbuck’s mid-afternoon.  I was proudly wearing my scarlet Buckeyes baseball cap and went to place an order when the employee behind the counter said, “It’s very painful seeing your hat today.”

I asked (hopefully): “Are you a Michigan alum?”  He said no but that he’s from Michigan and his father is an alum.  He looked like he was just out of college.

I was thinking of being gracious and saying something like, “well I have been in your shoes” but I didn’t, because that would have been a blatant lie.  I mean, I never experienced as a fan as bad a streak as this guy has—and I realized he had probably seen only one victory in The Game his entire life! (He was probably too young in 2003 to have any real memories.)

So I simply said something to the effect that I don’t think anything is going to really change for Michigan as long as Harbaugh is the coach.  He immediately agreed and didn’t attempt to offer any defense of Harbaugh.  

It made me wonder how many TTUN fans are really disenchanted with Harbaugh right now.

In any case, did anyone else have a close encounter with opposing fans this weekend that they would like to share?

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