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Ryan Day Play Calling

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December 1, 2019 at 9:08am

There are a lot of things that Ryan Day has done well. But his decision to hang on to play calling duties was a critical decision. 

Time after time yesterday, I was shouting at my tv to run one play (usually "pound the rock!") and time after time, Day called something different and unexpected, mixing in the deep ball with the crossing pattern, with the out, with a variety of runs. And he did it all while keeping Fields upright and basically taking QB run off the table. 

The man is aggressive. He is not scared to call high risk/high reward plays. He let Chug throw the ball (successfully, on 3rd Down). And he is doing it all while managing the game. 

He dropped 62 on TTUN last year, and dropped 56 on them while using a completely different play calling strategy. 

Completely elite play caller. Best in the country. The best we have ever had. Fuck Lincoln Riley.

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