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Alabama Playoff Predictor- 43%???

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November 19, 2019 at 7:01pm

I feel terrible for Tua first of all. That being said how exactly does ESPNs playoff predictor have Bama at a 43% chance to get in. It’s a slow Tuesday so hear me out....Bama hasn’t beat a current top 25team and best case scenario there only big win will be against a 3 loss auburn who has no offense. Also, no Tua and questionable defense.

spot #1- LSU gets in regardless with 1 or no losses over Bama. Or Georgia wins and in.

Spot #2- At least 1 team from Big ten gets in unless osu loses to both Michigan and psu AND Penn State loses to Wisconsin (if Minnesota blows it)

spot #3- Clemson plays nobody

spot #4- unless Arizona state beats Oregon and then Oregon beats Utah completely eliminating the conference ... 1 loss champ in over Bama

even if the pac 12 eliminates itself, Oklahoma running the table tops bama, even 1 loss Baylor has a chance as a champ, if Penn State beats osu and wins out psu and osu would top Alabama with 1 loss, if Georgia beats LSU sec gets 2 teams over Bama. 

So one of those scenarios has a 43% chance of happening? 

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