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Comment 18 Jan 2020

This team needs to go roller blading in a mall or something to build chemistry. They don’t seem like they even like each other and their play reflects it 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Pace of play and being stagnant away from the ball seemed to be a consistent problem during the losing streak. You can’t average 15 turnovers and walk the ball up the floor. The ceiling should be final four with this roster and I still believe. Sharper passes, smart fast breaks, move without the ball, and rebound. Luther- stop settling. Carton- be a smart aggressive. Keep CJ at the 1. Feed Young and Big Wesson- work inside out and let’s get on a role!

Comment 08 Dec 2019

I want us to play Clemson and then LSU-Leave no doubt. If we play our best we can beat anyone. That said-I get  Clemson doesn’t deserve better than 3 seed bc of the schedule; but why question their ability? they’ve won 28 games in a row and won the natty last year dominantly(With the same core offense), always good defense, great coach. Would you honestly make a large monetary bet against them vs. anyone? That’s why they are a tough draw.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

It said 43% on the ESPN “who’s in” show. Not worried if they do get in, just thought it was an interesting discussion given the scenarios for who will be #4. 

Comment 23 Nov 2019

I have to admit your logic has changed my mind somewhat. I can relate to a lot of things you said bc Bama is a very solid team and a victim of their schedule. I didn’t create this topic bc I think Bama is bad this year. I just think the college playoff is in danger of going down a rabbit hole of pre-conceived notions  (bamas always good, Clemson was Great last year, osu lost to Clemson 31-0, PAC 10 can’t compete, Notre Dame got crushed). If you don’t focus into THIS years narrative you may end up leaving Deserving teams out. Then again, they’ve never defined if it’s the 4 best teams, the 4 most deserving, etc.

Comment 25 Feb 2018

Problem with MSU vacating is who else “would have beat them” improving other BIG team records. Still BS though.

i gotta say, I predicted in the Dacich final four thread this team would compete in the Big Ten bc of Tate, KBD, and addition by subtraction......then I totally took it back after the Butler collapse haha. Should of kept faith

Comment 03 Dec 2017

I’m so sick of hearing the “Eye Test” with Alabama. We got in on the Eye Test last year beating top ranked teams. Alabama has done absolutely nothing. They beat an LSU Team who lost to Troy and otherwise played nobody and played Mercer instead of a 9th conference game. Usually the SEC leans on their “it’s a grind week in and week out” battle cry. Here is my biggest question: 

No conference has ever put two teams in, does the SEC do that in a year where they are clearly as bad as they have been top to bottom in 15 years?

*Deep Breath* but.....the Iowa loss....

Comment 28 Nov 2017

Maybe the committee will show Mercer, i mean Mercy*, on OSU for playing a 9th conference game unlike the SEC/ACC. Although the Iowa game is unforgivable... i find it annoying the SEC has 3 teams in the top 7 strictly because below Georgia is all hot garbage and teams like LSU/Miss St. are only ranked automatically bc they are 4 and 5 in a historically strong conference (not the case anymore). 

Comment 24 Nov 2017

Without seeing rest of game:

1. Gonzaga reloaded nicely

2. We are in WAY better shape that people predicted us

3. Hopefully we have an alternative at backup PG

Comment 14 Nov 2017

I’m afraid the ACC will be the death of us this year. It seems the narrative is that Clemson is still undefeated (in their eyes). Based on that assumption does any scenario result in OSU jumping Miami or Clemson? That leaves the age old question, does the conference championship matter. Here’s to hoping but we are entitled to nothing with the manner we lost both games in. 

Comment 13 Nov 2017

I agree, I wouldn't immediately write off Notre Dame being ranked above OSU. It will be interesting to see what the committee says on Tuesday because I remember watching the first ranking show and they were IN LOVE with Notre Dame because of their schedule. So after getting blasted by the #3 team (like we got blasted by the #23 team)...if they win out they would have about 4 quality wins just like Ohio State and a "quality loss" that the committee apparently put much stock into during the first show. Also not sold that a 1 loss Miami or two loss Clemson wouldn't still beat us out. Apparently struggling against Syracuse even before your QB goes out doesn't count as a loss.

Comment 07 Nov 2017

IMO they will compete in the Big Ten, much better than .500. You have your best player back from injury in KBD, Tate is a stud, Kams a sharp shooter, and most importantly we got rid of some low effort players. If nothing else this team will be WAY better than expected.