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All I Know Is, Ohio State is Undefeated Against Alabama in BCS/CFP Games...

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November 18, 2019 at 1:49pm

...so I don’t need Bama to be part of the CFP this year to validate anything Ohio State might achieve this season (because, as of now, Bama has not earned the privilege of being part of the CFP and does not deserve a shot at Ohio State if the Buckeyes should qualify).

Nor do I think it would make it any sweeter if Ohio State goes on to win the Natty and, in the process, beats a Bama squad that isn’t even a co-champion of its division.

If you can’t even be co-champ of your division, you shouldn’t be competing for the national title in the current 4-team format, period.

Let Bama play TTUN in the Holiday Bowl—(do they still have that bowl game)?



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