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Rooting Interests for Week 12 College Football

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November 15, 2019 at 12:35pm

There is a great schedule (throughout the day) of college football games. I like to watch games with a specific rooting interest in mind. One its fun, two it helps explain to my wife why I’m yelling at the tv during Marshall – LA Tech: kind a like rooting for your fantasy player in a game that you would otherwise have no interest in watching.

Miami Redhawks already in the barn with a win on Wednesday night and leading the MAC East. Fla Atlantic on a bye and leading C-USA East.

One caveat: I understand “Just win, baby” and “I always want scUM to lose” but hoping for a more in depth response.

Given the CFP rankings to date, I think it is highly unlikely we will have big (Top 5 win this year – Minny, maybe, PSU ???). This will be reserved for the SEC teams. So I don’t think we’ll catch LSU with marquee wins but we could end up with 5-6 Top 15-18 wins.

So here is this week’s slate- 1) games with some CFP implications and 2) a spread of less than/equal to 14 1/2

Indiana v PSU (-14.5):  On the surface you’d want PSU to win to keep their high ranking before we play them. But a second PSU loss helps us get to the BIG Championship game if we slip up the last two weeks. Indiana

Missouri v FL (-7.5): Always want a SEC “elite” to lose. Mizzou

Wiscy (-14.5)  v Nebraska:  Wiscy all the way to keep their ranking. Nebraska to get bowl eligibility in their last two games.

Navy v ND (-7):  I always want ND to lose. I know but this is different. Plus always root for a service academy.

UGA (-3) v Auburn:  Georgia wins help devalue Auburn as a quality opponent and may help keep Alabama out.  Auburn win helps knock out a 2 loss Georgia from CFP.  Georgia

Memphis (-10.5) v Houston:  Houston. Helps secure Cincy as AAC champ and potential CFP entrant.

Texas v IA St (-7): Iowa State because Texas.

WV v K State (-14): WVU. Break u pi that logjam of Big 12 teams in the lower CFP rankings and make room for Indiana.

Minny v Iowa (-3): Toughest one of the weekend. Minny clinches B1G West and Championship game. I think Minny is for real and may have the best QB we would face in B1G Championship. Playing a 2 loss Wiscy  in B1G Championship and a Bucks loss would still get us in CFP. Wiscy because it keeps options open.

Cincy (-14) v USF: Cincy

Oklahoma (-10.5) v Baylor: I’ll go with Baylor. Knocks out OK from CFP and I’m not sure an undefeated Big 12 named Baylor carries enough brand to into the CFP.

LA Tech v Marshall (-3):  Marshall helps pave the way for Fla Atlantic to be in the C-USA Championship game.

Have at it!

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