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Seeking Single Ticket for Wisconsin on Saturday

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October 20, 2019 at 5:57pm

I posted in the thread dedicated to selling tickets, however sometimes that gets lost in the shuffle.  I posted a thread for a pair to Northwestern and hit the jackpot as a fellow 11Wer could not make the trip to Evanston so got amazing seats and got to meet his Mrs. 11Wer, my wife loved it the experience.

That being said, this Saturday I need a solo ticket but it looks like anything near my brother and dad in 6AA is going to be outrageous. It’s like $300 plus fees. Didn’t know if anyone has a solo available that they need to get rid of.  I’m open to anywhere in Ohio Stadium, although A Deck would be ideal.

I have a company FedEx account that allows me to send priority overnight free of charge. I overnighted a cashier’s check and had the tickets overnighted to me last week.  It worked seamlessly.  I’m also open to Venmo or PayPal.  I work at a financial institution so I’m pretty flexible. Thanks guys and potentially gals! As always, GO BUCKS!!!!!

For what it is worth, my birthday is Friday... So you’d be doing me a massive birthday favor. Haha.

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