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CBS Thinks OSU Will Win the B1G and Not Make the Playoffs.

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September 15, 2019 at 2:03pm


This article by Jerry Palm of CBS talks of a scenario in which 3 SEC teams make the playoffs. He recognizes the unlikelihood of this, but then goes on to show the CBS bowl projections... where presumably a 1 loss Georgia plays a rematch of the SEC championship game against undefeated Alabama in the first round. Oklahoma and Clemson round out the top 4.

Here's my beef with that. When we had 2 SEC teams in last time, they didn't meet because Alabama didn't win their division. Ohio State also had an ugly loss but won the conference.

This year's scenario rubs me wrong because it would be Ohio State's 3rd consecutive conference championship without a playoff appearance and the 4th consecutive year the Big Ten champion was left out. All so that we can get a repeat of the SEC title game? What's the point of playing the first iteration then if only the second one matters?

How do we know the SEC is a tougher conference (hint: it isn't) if you don't allow it to be settled on the field? Our bowl records recently seem to favor the B1G anyway.

Maybe it's because, unlike ESPN, CBS actually does have financial incentive to favor the SEC?

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