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Mgoblog Schadenfreude for the Weekend

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September 15, 2019 at 1:02pm

TTUN did not play yesterday, thus giving them a chance to watch real football (Ohio State) and discuss said real football on the internet. I found some discussion posts that will help get your Sunday off to a great start. Enjoy.

I watch OSU with such envy in my heart.  I long for Michigan to be so consistent.  Why do we always have to come up so short year in and year out?  We look so inept this year, so far.  OSU will have our number yet again this year in full force.  If we don't beat OSU this year, we as a community need to just stop talking about the rivalry altogether.  No "maybe next year, this-that-and-the-other, we just won't ever be able to do it in this lifetime. Who in the community honestly thinks that we can/will beat them this year?  Is there hope?  I respect everyone here and especially the intelligently talented football minds here.  

 "This is finally Michigans season to win the Big Ten East" said every college football analyst.

Ohio State: "LOL" 

 OSU score will be worse than last year.  Fields is like an actually good version of Patterson who actually hits receivers and actually keeps the ball on a zone read when needed.  Ugh. 


What I’ve Learned:

Michigan is trash. OSU is an unstoppable monster. It doesn’t matter what other teams do or look like because we suck and they’re automatically better than us.

 Shouldve named this thread "Jack off to OSU while commenting about how scary they look" because that's all Im seeing in here

 I was told Justin fields is not good. Fuck. 


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