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ESPN Halftime Highlights and OSU Omission...seeking Honest Explanation

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September 14, 2019 at 9:04pm

So, I just watched the highlights on ESPN during halftime of the Florida/Kentucky game. Highlights were shown for Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU, Texas...basically all the highly-ranked programs. Then they showed highlights for UCF, USC, Michigan St (a Big Ten loss), Maryland (a Big Ten loss), Penn St (a Big Ten struggle against a poor team), and others. Nothing at all for the Buckeyes, and no mention of OSU at all (even with Galloway doing the highlights). I simply want a serious explanation of how this happens from those that swear ESPN does not try to shape a narrative and influence public perception, because things like this have been a consistent theme for a few years now. This is an honest request for an honest answer.

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