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Buckeye Fan Creating A... Hostile Work Environment?

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August 30, 2019 at 8:47am

So the title seems pretty dark, but this is a tongue in cheek sort of deal.

I work in an office where there is a Michigan fan down the hall (oddly enough it's the part of the building that smells the most like sewage). He's mostly a good dude, and we've had good conversations about lots of things, football included. He does have that one horribly un-redeemable quality of being a Michigan fan.

This morning (my tradition as it's the first game of the season tomorrow), I'm decked out in Buckeye gear. T-shirt, hat, socks, Buckeye Nike's, I'm ready to go. Just so happens that today is also casual Friday.

This morning, again, tongue in cheek, he mentioned that I might be creating a hostile work environment with my Buckeye garb, and we had a decent laugh about it.

Just curious if anyone has ever had this come up as an actual issue? I work in a place that has people who are mostly good natured and are of the live and let live variety, but I could see if you work in a place full of petty knobs (Michigan fans fit that description a lot of the time) they could try and cause a headache over being a big Buckeye fan.

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