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TTUN Has a Revolutionary and Never Been Done Before Idea for Offense

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macdaddybuckeyesupreme's picture
August 17, 2019 at 10:46am

Its a totally new concept that nobody has done, or ever tried to do before! Its going to change the way college football is played for the next 10 years!

Its the....RPO....wait what, yes they think the RPO is something nobody has seen or game planned for, theyre really using the #speedinspace as if that isnt what ohio st has been doing since Urban got here and Ryan Day perfected it last year.

No longer will they trout out 6 man offensive lines and no more fullbacks, gee welcome to the early 21st century ttun football.

I guarantee when they lose at least 4 games this year, they will want Gattis fired because this offense isnt Ttun football dammit! They will want to go back to manball because they're ttun and they like being irrelevant, with a dinosaur offense.

Guarantee after the first series of the first game, when they go three and out, harbaugh is going to take back over the offense, because he is a sociopath who jist can't let go. And I approve, because when he does it, it will be all over for jimmy boy in that whore Ann Arbor

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