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Harbaugh Attempts to Throw Fickell Under Bus.

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August 13, 2019 at 10:58pm


Some points:

Harbaugh says that during the transfer of James Hudson to UC, that Fickell tried to "make a deal" so that Hudson would get a waiver for immediate eligibility.

There really isn't any "deal" Fickell was trying to course Harbaugh into giving Hudson a waiver, because it's in the best interest of the kid.

Harbaugh claims, it's not up to coaches, but the NCAA (hence why he blocked the waiver and doesn't want to appear as the jerk he is.)

Thoughts:  He's blowing this up to save face of getting creamed by OSU, MSU, ND, Bowl Games; so he's trying to win with more "ethics."

The TSUN beat reporters don't appear to buy his argument.  Angelique Chengelis asks him at the end of the video, "did Michigan block the waiver."  Harbaugh basically denies Michigan did it, but none of the reporters are buying it as the dead silence speaks volumes as does his nervous body language.

Harbaugh claims that he can't believe Fickell thinks it should be about the best interest of the kid and not the truth.  I would argue the complete opposite, although this does not mean I'm against complying with rules.

Also, leave it to TSUN to throw another coach under the bus for something as petty as a waiver.  THIS IS THE VERY REASON WE HATE TSUN.  Harbaugh is no different than Lloyd or Bo.  They are all slimy and selfish.

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