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Ultimate 11Warriors: Quarterback

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July 5, 2019 at 4:28pm

To pass the time and add to the off-season discussion topics, I will begin a weekly forum topic regarding the construction of an Ohio State Player based on attributes specific to an offensive or defensive position. Each individual attribute will be listed and a response based on ANY player in Ohio State History for that specific position may be selected. This week will begin with the Quarterback position: please select one player for each attribute and briefly explain your answer.

1. Arm Strength

2. Accuracy

3. Field Vision/Pocket Awareness

4. Athleticism

5. Frame/Body Type

6. Intangibles (4th quarter/leadership/etc.)

This doesn’t represent a comprehensive list of attributes to a specific position, but were selected to spark conversation and to haven fun with. Looking forward to seeing what the masses think. What say you!?

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