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Comment 25 Jun 2018

Honestly, cmon people its a simple greeting. Get off the high horse, its a simple O-H, I-O... Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc etc, as many holiday greetings or any other form of salutations we share, we shouldn't roll our eyes at someone who greets us with enthusiasm. It may be a first-year fan, it may be a decade-long fan, no reason to turn your nose up. Be a homie and just meet love with love. 

Comment 16 Jan 2018

read what i said concerning the addition of incoming wrs, a question first put forth in your previous response... that pertained to blocking and experience, not the current "6 starters". Its just my opinion regarding Hill, and you can hit me with all the percentages or snarky one-liners you want, but it doesn't change my perception that he has hit his ceiling at Ohio State.

Comment 16 Jan 2018

Urban loves WRs that block and has tended to favor more experienced players at the skill positions (in regard to the incoming WR to adding to the rotation). With all the talent returning, I had a hard time fitting Hill into the equation, his hands are reliable but not a burner at the H. He may turn out to be the "sixth man" so to speak. Getting the first rotational reps at the H or at WR. Getting Campell more reps as a true WR, my theory on why he returned, is why hill got frozen out of the two deep. But to be more accurate, he would get an AND/OR at the H or WR if i put some more thought into it. 

Comment 16 Jan 2018

This is how I see the depth chart playing out for early 2018
Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day will have full control of the offense. If Haskins garners an open endorsement from the staff as the starter following the conclusion of spring ball, Joe Burrow, with no penalty for transferring, will leave the program in search of playing opportunities. 
QB: Haskins, Martell 

Dobbins and Weber will split starts and split reps throughout the season. 
RB: Dobbins AND Weber 

H-Back is one of the more difficult positions to predict. I can see Campell's return as a way to polish his skills as a true WR while also seeing time at the H. McCall has less experience, but his potential warrants a higher percentage of repetitions this upcoming season. 
HB: Campbell OR McCall

Mack's coming out party towards the end of the 2017 season will have him firmly entrenched as the starter at the X. His route running and reliable hands places him above Victor and his questionable ball security and in-game concentration. Though Victor's presence will be felt in the red zone as a go-to target for Haskins. 
WR - X: Mack/Victor

The Y depends solely on the health of Dixon's knees. If he can remain healthy throughout the offseason, His speed and playmaking ability will win him the nod. McLaurin is a great blocker and will gain reps based upon experience. 
WR - Y: Dixon OR McLaurin

TE will see a drastic departure from previous years at Ohio State. Wilson's control of the offense will put a focus on athletic, play making personnel with more two TE formations. Berry will be the starter with Ruckert coming in to take reps as a "move". 
TE: Berry/Ruckert

OL has the most question marks of any Ohio State unit going into 2018. Having to replace stalwarts such as Price and Jones will certainly take place throughout spring and fall camp. 
LT: Prince/Alabi
LG: Jordan/Davis or Jones
C: Taylor OR Jones
RG: Knox/Davis or Burrell
RT: Bowen/Munford

Comment 13 Jan 2018


Comment 12 Jan 2018

Billy Price, HANDS DOWN. and booker won't be starting or playing if he doesn't raise his game tremendously, there will be a reckoning in the LB corps, it will be swift and it will be harsh. Play those you can rely on no matter the down and distane

Comment 12 Jan 2018

I just do not see Ohio State switching to an odd front. They do not have to "work with what they recruit" like in Washington State or they do not traditionally operate/recruit the appropriate personnel to meet the requirements for a 3-4. For a majority of recruiting situations,  the coaching staff can go get the players, of elite caliber, to provide impact and depth in the defensive front seven under the traditional 4-3 scheme. It is my firm belief that LJSR has much to say regarding the defensive front played at Ohio State, to take away all familiarity and insight to playing four down lineman seems like a bit of a reach. Let the best position coach in college football work and the coaches, also premier recruiters, fill in a proven system that has proven track record of success and of producing NFL caliber talent.

Comment 11 Jan 2018

IF it is true, i would welcome it. Replacing Grimes with a healthy body is optimal, especially since he is familiar with the system. Much of our incoming "Impact" players seem to be either recovering from a significant injury or are not "game ready", so I'm all about that action boss. 

Comment 07 Jan 2018

Too much money to be made, but at least they can be representative of a loyal, steadfast fan base that appreciates a touch of nostalgia from time to time 

Comment 07 Jan 2018

the concept is here to stay, would love to see the unis harken to my formative years when neck rolls and large shoulder pads were mandatory and linemen had tape from their fingertips to elbows.