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Let's Play a Game Called "Floor and Ceiling" (Coach Day and the Future)

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June 26, 2019 at 11:36am

So a friend of mine and I got to talking and we were sort of analyzing what we've seen from Coach Day so far. Obviously not much, but he lead the team to a 3-0 record last year, and to this point it doesn't appear that recruiting has taken a dip at all from the Meyer to Day transition, at least in comparison to what we're used too.

Based off of that we began to hypothesize Ryan Day in regards to his ceiling (how good he can be) vs. his floor (if he under achieves).

I feel like his ceiling is incredibly high. I think in regards of what I've seen and his potential, I think he could exceed what we saw with Urban Meyer. When you look at the team closer to the end of Meyer's tenure we saw an offense that stalled at inopportune times, and a defense that was leaking yards and points, at times faster than the defense could bail the team out. 

I feel like the offense is going to hum like a machine with Day at the helm, and the inconsistencies that we saw aren't going to be as much of a problem. I think Day's offensive approach is more multiple than Meyer's, and it's a little more forward thinking and with the "now," if you will. 

Defensively I think he's hired the right guys to run the show, but it remains to be seen how the players respond and what the on-field product looks like, however I don't think it can get much worse than last year.

As far as his floor, and the worst we can expect? I think the worst we'll see with Day is late Jim Tressel era levels of success, which by the way, is still pretty damn good. Tressel didn't find himself in the top 3 with recruiting nearly as much as Urban Meyer, but he still brought in very good classes, he owned Michigan, and he kept Ohio State as the toast of the Big Ten. I think at the very least we can expect Day to be able to uphold that standard.

Either way, I think, and yes again, I UNDERSTAND we have a small sample size, but given what we've seen and how things are trending, I think the future looks very promising. 

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