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NFL Rumors: Why Greg Schiano Resigned As Patriots Defensive Coordinator

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May 29, 2019 at 7:30pm

This is probably old news to most - we discussed Schiano's resignation from the Pats last month.  That said, I stumbled across this article just now. Gives some nice background on his decision and (it would seem) to be genuinely about family.  

The main quotes are these: 

From Ben Volin of The Boston Globe: Maybe there is more to it, but from everything I know about the coach, the decision really was about family. A league source has said that Schiano doesn’t want to move his family until his daughter, a high school sophomore in Columbus, Ohio, graduates. Schiano basically had an open invitation to join Bill Belichick’s staff for several years, and only took it now because he was let go from Ohio State in January.

Even though Schiano agreed to join the Patriots and was at the Combine last month, my hunch is he discovered pretty quickly that being a long-distance father wasn’t going to work. And it’s better for Schiano to acknowledge this now, five months before the Patriots’ first snap of the season, than to realize it in August.

From Albert Breer of The MMQB: … I think the statement he released — saying family was a driving factor in his decision — was truthful. His high school-aged daughter is a big-time women’s soccer recruit and his twin sons are playing college football. That made displacing his family and diving into the job in Foxboro tough. Maybe he’ll have some regret down the line on leaving his close friend Bill Belichick’s staff, but my sense is that he feared there’d be deeper regret if he went the other way, which is something we can all respect.


Good for Greg.  I hold him no ill will, thank him for his time with OSU and wish him and his family nothing but the best. 


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