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Haskins Gets the Albert Breer Treatment on SI

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March 4, 2019 at 1:11pm


Everyone needs to read this, not just to learn about Haskins, but to find out why guys like Quincy Avery think Ryan Day is the best young coach to get QBs prepared for the NFL.

Also, it's SI, not ESPN, so it's not crap.

By the end of the year, Day says, he had himself a quasi-NFL quarterback. And as we sat in the stands, the coach thumbed through his mental Rolodex for a couple plays that proved that out.

The first was against Northwestern in the Big 10 Championship Game. It was third-and-20 with 1:28 left in the first half, Ohio State up 17–7. Haskins took a shotgun snap, looked left, gave a subtle pump fake, then pivoted right and cut loose a strike into the hands of McLaurin, who was isolated on Wildcats DB Greg Newsome. The safety help was a good 15 yards away when McLaurin hauled in the 42-yard dime down the left side of the end zone over Newsome, and there was a good reason why.

“He knew what he had there, and he really looked off the safety, and did a great job of coming back to [McLaurin] and delivering the ball,” Day explained. “He and McLaurin were really on the same page on that play. It was really a savvy veteran throw, I thought.”

If some team is stupid enough to draft Kyler Murray first, it would be the cardinals.

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