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Where is the Confidence in Our Team???

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February 27, 2019 at 12:44am

Why do I see so many not unconfident Buckeye fans? I remember before our game against TTUN this year so many fans were saying things like:

  • This was the year we lose to TTUN
  • We're the worst 10-1 team ever
  • We would lose by 60 to Bama

Then we go out and prove the nation wrong by:

  • Putting up 60 on the #1 defense in the country
  • Win the Conference Championship by 3 touchdowns
  • Beat the Pac-12 champion in the Rose Bowl

I also remember hearing fans say they hope we get left out of the playoff because we would get humiliated (this was in 2017) before we went out and beat down the Pac-12 champion by 17 points.

Anyways, now I am hearing fans saying that we have our flaws and we might need a year or two to rebuild after our commander has left us. But I honestly don't see that as true. I honestly don't know what teams are going to do to stop us at this point (at least in the Big Ten). Let me lay out some facts:

  • We just acquired a quarterback who has Haskins' passing ability and JT's running ability
    • This REALLY opens up the run game. Our run game was not the same this year in large part to Haskins' inability to run the ball. It got better once Ryan Day threatened to put in Martell but I don't think Justin Fields will be scared to run
    • Our red zone offense was trash for most of the year (as opposed to how good it was with JT). This changes things.
  • We just fired our Defensive Coordinator and LB coach and acquired TTUN's LB and DL coach
    • Cannot overstate how huge this is. Our defense was the worst in tOSU history this year
    • I hear many fans state that these are the same guys that coached a defense that gave up 60 to our team. But seriously, the only way is up with our defense. If we were 13-1 with the defense we just had, Think about how much better we will be next year
  • We are losing players who were detrimental to our OL
    • Nobody needs to be named here
    • I am pointing this out because I hear fans say we don't have depth at the OL position. Trust me, we will be fine

The only teams that will have any chance at us next year are Bama and Clemson. As long as our coaches do their jobs and players stay healthy this 2019 team will be unstoppable. I honestly believe our offense is only going to be better. Our defense can't get worse. We've got lots to look forward to. Let's get pumped up for next season and go into the year with confidence.

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