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H-back, or Possession Slot?

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February 20, 2019 at 7:19am

This may have been discussed ad nauseam, but should we expect a continuation of a Harvin-style H-back, or a return to possession slot receivers under Day's regime? It seemed to take multiple years to develop each true RB/WR hybrid under Meyer. The results were grand once development completed, but the road seemed to be long and arduous. Or, maybe I am simply remembering it all wrong. It seems like it is more fitting to recruit and develop possession receivers vice bouncing RB guys between RB and WR until they are equally adept at both rolls. Thoughts?


Edit: Para 1, line 1; I corrected "accept" to read "expect."
Aside: we pretty much have to accept (take) whatever the Buckeye footballers give us. I used the wrong term in that location and didn't catch it until now. ~sigh~

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