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Transfer Portal = Free Agency Debate (ESPN Article)

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February 11, 2019 at 10:38am

I came across this article on ESPN (which I rarely visit for content).  It's a good discussion about what the transfer portal and relaxed player movement restrictions could mean for CFB.  I know we've had that discussion around here.  It's an interesting read.


The CFB coaches seem to be on the side of player development. Namely, how do you manage a roster, instill toughness/discipline, resilience, player safety, etc. if there's always a "Plan B" super easy out?  This has been the main concern of mine regarding "easy" transfers.  Also, they see this as ultimately hurting HS Seniors coming out competing with the transfers. 

The player argument seems to be that they have limited opportunity to play CFB and they should be free to maximize that opportunity. I certainly understand that...it's true. Coaches can move freely. Other students can move freely. Why not them?

I find myself empathizing with both sides of the debate. As an organizational leader, I can only imagine the nightmare of managing the portal and what it would do to building resilient, unselfish teams. As someone who believes that the freedom to choose the best opportunity is critical to human development, I get the player perspective. 

What would you do if you were to balance this out (if anything)?


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