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Haskins Was Really Good This Year but There Also Needs to Be Credit Given to the Scheme.

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January 5, 2019 at 8:22pm

As we all know Haskins was unbelievable this year. He deserves all the credit that he has received but credit also needs to go to the scheme. In the 7 years Meyer was coach I cannot remember more wide open WRs. I also don't think there were as many pass plays that resulted in YAC. I remember the days that it seemed like every pass play was a go route or a stop route. That seemed like it. This year the pass game actually schemed to take advantage of what the defense was doing. Part of the YAC conversion has to do with Haskins and hitting WRs in stride but the scheme also got WRs the ball on the move to be able to pick up those yards. The one thing I think was missing a majority of the time was attacking the seams with the TE but other than that I don't have more to complain about.

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