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Fields Has Submitted Paperwork to OSU

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January 4, 2019 at 9:57am

Hi all,

Before you DV me into oblivion for the 100th Fields thread (and no, I don’t have any creative soil commentary for you), figured I’d share that the smoke on Fields to OSU is now fire.

Per Kyle Lamb (on his Unscripted Podcast), Fields has submitted all of his paperwork to Ohio State. Again per Lamb, he’s finalizing his class schedule and will announce his formal transfer today or early next week.

It also appears 247Sports beat writers have found his email or some other info in the OSU system, and have also confirmed the transfer. While it hasn’t been announced, it certainly seems all but public.

If all holds true, it’s an absolute home run in every sense of the word. It also means, I’d imagine, that we have a (totally unsurprising) Haskins NFL departure announcement coming soon. 

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