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January 2, 2019 at 1:45pm

MSN publishes a USA Today article that calls UFM a liar and immoral even today.  Maggots never cease chomping on garbage and exit it from their digestive tract.  If Drake had any guts and said there was no arrest because there wasn't even probable cause and it made no sense to report an incident thru channels when the higher administration and compliance were the ones that informed UFM in the first place.  If you are a decent person and the press wants you to appear as evil...they can do it....right to the end and beyond.  Don't forget the racist reporting that went on, either.  That should have remained in the garbage dump as well.  Loved to have seen this team without that BS and UFM coaching the full season.  The "fixes" would have been taken care of far sooner, ala, short yardage and inside the 20.  

The relationships UFM has with his leaders are real.  Phonies can't pull that off with the likes of Campbell, Dixon, etc.  He is a moral man with proper values.  Media doesn't like those to exist, so find something wrong with him...even if it is not true.  Many of you defended UFM and believed in him, as I.  God bless him and his family.

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