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Comment 14 Feb 2019

Still, for 2020, would like to get the rare NFL style DT(one who doesn't use PEDS), that we have not been too successful recruiting in the past: Lawrence, etc.  Of course, not someone who is non-athletic, but a true run stopper.  With Marriotti, I am sure this type would be fit and have movement except backwards and with!  IMHO

Comment 08 Feb 2019

Very much agree with you.  His first vibes indicate he wanted to part of the hard work culture that been part of OSU football for some time.  He like the way the coaches prepared the players for scUM and the way the team practiced that week.  If he appreciates that, IMHO, it is a good sign his head is where it needs to be for reaching full potential.  Hoping we can say what do all those stars mean anyhow.

Comment 06 Feb 2019

However, like with the really "no story" about UFM they have the ability to poison the, recruits about the merits of the SEC.  If the SEC has a Public Relations is wasted..they have espin.  Maggots rule most of the USA.

Comment 05 Feb 2019

Always thought you could tell a lot about a player doing that last rep in the last set of squats.  Awesome...goose bumps!!!!

Comment 01 Feb 2019

Read above that some people didn't/don't like him in Youngstown.  Hell there were some people in columbus that did not like him.

I can tell you this from personal experience.  My head coach in college was Joe Malmisur who later became the AD at Youngstown St.  Joe passed away several months ago.  He hired Tress as Head football coach..  The last time a number of players met with Joe he and his wife talked so highly of Tress.  Joe, originally from Youngstown and his wife adored Tress.  Joe even drove Tress to Columbus for his interview but counselled Tress that he would likely be eventually fired like most OSU past coaches.  Joe told us that Tress was loved in Youngstown because of professional and personal contributions to the Youngstown community.  Tress was the only speaker at Joe's funeral mass.  Another friend of mine was the soccer coach at YSU while Tress was there.  He told me if Tress told you something, it was true and his word was golden.  That's just the start of my "dealings" with Mr. Tressel.  Often people, good people, do things guided by their morality and not their ethics.

Won't get into why UFM is a good man also.

We were so lucky!!!!

Comment 01 Feb 2019

OSU was and still is a leader in opportunities for minorities.  IMHO the atmosphere in the South...not so much.  Gonna guess minority athletes aren't shown the REAL south in most of their visits, like barbershops still having the Rebel flags on the walls and not cutting minorities hair, for example.  And yes mine eyes have seen this in two SEC sites.  Good ole boys still alive and KicKinK, too.  Truly integrated sororities and fraternities not so much.

Jim Parker was another forerunner, Jesse Owens, etc.  

Comment 26 Jan 2019

Didn't put that much emphasis on championships. Wonder how many naysayers lost $$ on betting during UFM's tenure.  Living in NWO was just great!!!  Thank you 7-0 Urban.  Sorry you committed the sin of loyalty with Earle Bruce. Shame.   

Comment 24 Jan 2019

Loyalty becomes an even more "lost word". How long does it take for a word to be removed from the dictionary??  ME ME ME!!  I gave up on the NFL..partly because I really did not like to work that hard to keep track of the players.  Seems like college ball is headed that way too.  What fiasco.

Comment 18 Jan 2019

Totally agree and with what she went through this summer, watching the Maggots eat away at the person she loves the most and the treatment by Drake and BOT she has every right to come out swinging!!!

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Surgeon told us that our daughter odds for other leg after surgery was highly susceptible to ACL tear and damned if it didn't happen.  Set her soccer back...never was able to get "it" back.   Makes my butt itch every time we take, especially an interior lineman, somebody who has torn one.   Happened  to me too way back.

Comment 14 Jan 2019

The term RPO is new....the concept is at least 40 years old.  It used to be a "package" with a live color in the cadence.  If the Defense was in a certain look a run would be called and another look would be a pass.  So the huddle call would be "package 26, 72"  the run would be the 26, the pass would be the 72.  Always trying to avoid the bad play.  Tom Coughlin, NFL World champs used it at Syracuse and at Boston College...way back.  Not certain we will see the dead T formation again but football seems to be like fashions,,,,if you keep them long enough...they'll be in style again! 

Comment 13 Jan 2019

Loyalty is not mentioned above.  It is a dead concept today.  It is not appreciated or respected, often not recognized and understood, like with UFM and Earle Bruce.  But if Tate and his family valued that concept, then he would have made his decisions in private instead of risking a split in his teams locker room.  That is my criticism of the Tates.  Keep your mouth shut for the sake of the guys and move on.

Not sure that loyalty could co-exist with the the recent emphasis on the ME.  Just go to a youth soccer or little league game and listen to the parents.