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Comment 1 hour ago

Absolutely true for SEC.  My daughter was the head coach at an SEC school.  She went to the annual meeting for all head coaches.  During a speech a head coach from another university used those very words:  "if you ain't cheaing, you ain't trying."  He was addressing recruiting.  No one blinked an eye.  She called me the next day and was disgusted...of course she played in the Big Ten.  They just flaunt it down there.  Attitude:  recruits of certain racial minority are like chattel, buy them.  Hmmmmm, wonder where that historically comes from???

Comment 25 Apr 2019

Lawrence and Wilkins were both heavily recruited by the OSU staff and they both ended up at Clemson.  Their size and strength would have added a lot to the Bucks defense...especially in stopping the gashing runs.  We wouldn't have had to slant our defense, nearly as much.  It would have been nice to see a LOS won and our LBs more free to make tackles at or about the LOS instead of 5 yards down field or not at all.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

The unjust suspension did a lot of damage to Urban physically and emotionally.  And to the team as well as it was in catch up stage all year long.  Sometimes the mental is to the physical as 10 is to one.  Had that bullshit not occurred IMHO UFM is still the head coach.  Because of that I for one can't be certain Urban won't coach again but IMHO, it won't be at OSU if he does.

We were so fortunate to have both of them and if Teddy Ginn doesn't go down on the opening kick off who knows.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

IMHO society is way out in front of college football.  CFB's portal is just a reflection of society's norms, including parents.  But what do I know...I was born on THEEEE D-Day so our word definitions and the newer greater society differ at the core. 

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Braxton was here for the Spring Game having been an early enrollee.  If he had not been relegated to non-starter at the beginning of fall camp, AND received the number of snaps with the first team instead of bow wow, that offense would have been far, far better by the TTUN game at the very least.  ! can't remember such a discrepancy in talent between the two for any position at OSU in my lifetime  It was unjust, IMHO, and not just a poor evaluation of talent.  Having Brax as the starter from the get go would have given the necessary practice time for the offense to develop a strategy to exploit Braxton's talent and not that of a stiff.  Still angry about that goof up because it was so obvious.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Splitting reps with the first team...I remember when Bauserman was getting the vast majority of the snaps when he didn't have the ability that the second team QB had....all those wasted reps haunted us that year.  Here if we keep the QB run and the read option in we have only one choice so this is a strategy decision as well.  When is the right time to make that decision.  The earlier the better IMHO.  Short yardage, for example, will have to be developed separately for each of those 2 QBs and practiced early. 

Comment 29 Mar 2019

"Harvard of the Midwest" with a large ass assterik!!!*******************************************  Arrogant Assholes from Ann Arbor....AA****

Comment 16 Mar 2019

Tell that to the ADs and Presidents of the Big Ten when they took in Rutgers and Maryland.  What a fiasco without understanding the entertainment mind of the New York and DC populace.  College football is on the third page of the entertainment section.

Comment 16 Mar 2019

Actually the staff chose Bauserman as the starting QB.  What a BLIND decision.  Had they coached Braxton as the #1 QB from the get go, that season would have turned out much better.  I say BLIND because of the great and obvious disparity in talent and ability between the 2.  The entire staff should have been fired after the 1st game.

Comment 14 Mar 2019

Sometimes we judge our DL based  solely on the performance of our DE's.  With the exception of Dremont our DTs have not exactly been 5 stars like some of the DTs we have recruited and lost to Clemson, etc. , ...the NFL type DTs.  IMHO these ratings of the DLs...the whole DL, reflect some of that.  Hopefully, Togai(sp.), etc., will improve not only those ratings, but more importantly, the overall play of the DL and the defense. 

Comment 25 Feb 2019

I hate to admit that several weeks ago I happened to get stuck on ESPN and there were several former head football coaches talking about the difference between Alabama and Clemson and other teams.  They all stated that it was the massiveness and depth of the defensive lineman they continue to get.  That once you saw these guys on the field this was the most distinct difference between those two teams and others.  Not saying I necessarily agree with that being the main difference but that is what they were saying and it is a difference even without PEDS.  If these coaches are correct, we don't necessarily fit that bill up front in the interior line.  Most of the guys up front we tried to recruit and didn't get them.  Not fat guys that can't move but massive guys that can move and have great strength and balance.  Eater Athletes that will play in the NFL.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

The sleeping Bank for paying athletes is the NFL.  It have the best "farm system" in the world of sports and don't pay a dime for it.  Stadiums, trainers, coaches, strength facilities, "scrimmages", etc., etc. Their owners make mucho millions, and not one dime goes to "young player development".  Mostly totally overlooked by all.  But then you have Title does that work for women's tennis???  Sheesh.

Comment 14 Feb 2019

Still, for 2020, would like to get the rare NFL style DT(one who doesn't use PEDS), that we have not been too successful recruiting in the past: Lawrence, etc.  Of course, not someone who is non-athletic, but a true run stopper.  With Marriotti, I am sure this type would be fit and have movement except backwards and with!  IMHO

Comment 08 Feb 2019

Very much agree with you.  His first vibes indicate he wanted to part of the hard work culture that been part of OSU football for some time.  He like the way the coaches prepared the players for scUM and the way the team practiced that week.  If he appreciates that, IMHO, it is a good sign his head is where it needs to be for reaching full potential.  Hoping we can say what do all those stars mean anyhow.