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8 Team Playoff Solves Everything

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December 2, 2018 at 12:50pm

I don’t understand how an 8 team playoff doesn’t solve everything. Here is how it works:


Power 5 Conference Champion (automatic qualifier)

3 At Large Bids

1st Round is a home game for seeds 1-4

2nd Round would be rotating New Year’s 6 bowl games

CFP National Championship Game


Solves all questions:

Georgia is a top team, went toe to toe with Bama and cause #sec
Teams and people frustrated with the automatic crowning of the SEC as the best teams ever, although only Bama has proven to consistently beat top teams while the rest of the conference plays no elite teams outside of conference, hence protecting the bias. Even if you put in 4 SEC teams in this format, let’s see if it’s really warranted
All the UCF fans and proponents get what they have begged for, they are in. We all get to see if they can hang
Say this devalues the regular season? On average 75% of a team’s schedule is conference games and that is right now. Eliminate the cupcake non-conference games (which is 2-3 for every team) and that increases the conference games’ importance. Have all the elite teams matchup for 2 games to start the season to help get an out of conference perspective. At the end of the day conference games will reign supreme and losing even one of those could keep you out. Many could argue the current format devalues the regular season. People are debating that a 2 loss team should be ranked higher than an undefeated team or 1 loss conference champion. This makes Conference Championships matter again
As mentioned in the point above, this format would also eliminate 1-2 regular season games to account for player safety. Teams would play at most the same amount of games.
It’s all about the money? More elite matchup games, more $$$$$. All conferences get at least 1 team in so increased revenue for all.
Bowl games don’t matter? Well they already don’t from a National Championship scale, but you would have the 2nd round be all New Year’s 6 bowls that are rotated annually.
All post season games are played in non-cold weather environments. Who doesn’t want to see Bama or Clemson play a snow game in Columbus or South Bend? 1 round home field advantage would produce games like this that have never happened before
Playoff committee only has to pick 3 at large teams which would help them solidify their criteria and honestly decisions would more often than not be obvious. They would still set the seeding which is huge.


Hoping this is or something very similar is implemented soon. Did I miss anything? Let me know. Also, yes I’m an Ohio State fan that is salty for being left out again, but outraged over Georgia being at 5.

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