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Why Missing the Playoff This Year Stings More Than Last Year

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December 2, 2018 at 12:32am

1. This will be the first time time a 1 loss p5 team that won a conference championship game will miss the playoff. I couldn't get upset last year as we had 2 losses or the year we didn't even beat MSU for a conference championship. But winning the B1G with only 1 loss and being left out stings.

2. We'll never see Dwayne Haskins face the best in the playoff. Another reason I didn't get overly upset about missing the playoff last year was I had no faith in JT. Haskins is the best QB Ohio State has ever had (and may ever have) and it sucks not to see him compete in the playoff.

3. Particularly boring Rose Bowl matchup. Yes its the Rose Bowl but a 3 loss UW team who put me to sleep in their conference title game. I'd have more fun watching a bowl game against Georgia.

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