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What's Your First Memory of The Game?

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November 24, 2018 at 8:54am

It's Gameday boys. 

All the pressure is on Michigan for the first time in forever. Yeah, they're probably better on paper but how many of Cooper's teams were better on paper? 

Anyway, we're just under four hours from kickoff and I'm thinking about previous editions of this best rivalry in sports. 

What's your first memory of the The Game? 

I capsuled mine last year as the staff reflected on personal experiences with The Game: 

My favorite, or probably better described as my most important memory of The Game came when I was just a few weeks shy of my eighth birthday as Ohio State beat Michigan, 14-9, on November 21, 1981.

I won’t claim to vividly remember the game itself but I do recall watching the game from pretty much underneath the coffee table as my dad, uncle and all their buddies gathered in a small living room and got rowdy.

That crew was/is wild in general but things always got out of hand for The Game as the watch party came complete with a kegerator and who knows what else.

Anyway, like most seven-year-old kids, my dad was my hero and he of course raised me as a Buckeye fan from birth. As such, like most of you, I was always sporting OSU gear and watching the games.

My first real memory of watching games, and in particular The Game, is just one play but certainly a historical one as Art Schlichter scrambled right and finally upfield on the way to a six-yard touchdown made possible by a truly incredible block from fullback Vaughn Broadnax. The touchdown run – you might remember it as the play where Art bounded into a snow bank after entering the end zone – gave Ohio State a 14-9 lead with just about two minutes to play.

I’ll never forget the roar and euphoria felt in that living room as all these grown men around me celebrated like little kids. That singular vision of Schlichter’s run has stuck with me all these years, serving as the first real memory of me and my dad, who passed away back in 1990, watching Ohio State beat Michigan.

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