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What Would You Change to Fix This Teams Constant Under Performance?

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November 19, 2018 at 12:59pm

I know a lot of people have been calling for some sort of semblance of change or growth with this team this year and going into game 12 it's just not likely to happen, whether is stubbornness or arrogance the coaching staff seems content with personnel and scheme. For me though I would be looking to actually play up to the teams potential so I'd be rolling a little differently on both sides of the ball....

On offense it's easy to see the biggest issue is the line so to fix it we do the following: 

LT - Munford/Alabi

LG - Michael Jordan

C - Josh Meyers

RG - Wyatt Davis

RT - NPF/Alabi 

Also, Ben Victor would be sitting next to Prince on the bench of "hardly ever actually play full effort". Scheme wise I thought the passing game was actually far more varied at the beginning of the year with short and intermediate crossers and it's been missing for a few weeks now. With the run game I think you use the big ass athletic dude you got with Rashod Berry and run a lot more motion to power, wham, iso, crack back blocked runs with him at TE, crazy enough this would even open more actual play action passing as well. Red zone I'd use the fucking big WR's, TE's we have on the team to our advantage instead of the same small fast guys we use everywhere else, fun fact you can't run out the back of the fucking endzone so speed gets mitigated the closer you get to the goal line... size however does not. So inside about the 20/25 yard line I'd have Berry, Ruckert, Jaylen Harris, and probably rotate between KJ Hill and Luke Farrell depending on play calls. They need to utilize the players they have better for some situational football advantages. 

On Defense: Holy F*** this defense is screwed up. I'd change the line up as follows: 

SDE : DreMont Jones, breather/obvious pass downs Cooper

DT : Haskel Garrett, Togai, Vincent, obvious pass downs BB Landers

DT: Haskel Garrett, Togai, Vincent, obvious pass downs Kick Jones inside

WDE: Chase Young rotating Cooper as needed for Young to stay fresh

OLB: Harrison

MLB: Browning

OLB: Keandre Jones / Mitchell/ Hilliard/ Booker Keep trying people until they aren't consistently being blocked out of every play.  

CB1: Okudah

CB2: Wade

Nickel : Arnette

S: White

S: Fuller

So yes I'd re-do the DL even though it's not technically a weak point, however putting some bigger body's rotating in the middle will help free up the LB's a little and just make it harder to get as much movement in the run game, also would like to see Jones outside to get a little more run defense/ pass rush balance across from Young. With Harrison and Browning they're more or less penciled in because we don't get to see the instincts or play making of the other guys and knowing they're both super athletic at this point I'd got for athletic and making a few mistakes over too slow to make up for mistakes and flying into blockers instead of flying to the ball. I think Jones would be the guy most likely to be able to play the base 4-3 OLB oustide the box, however I would rotate until somebody actually steps up and even then I'd be playing more actual Nickel against the spread teams anyways. I think Okudah and Wade are pretty obvious at CB compared to Sheffield and Arnette, though I think Arnette would be better at Nickel/Slot corner. White and Fuller appear to be the best options but again we haven't really gotten to see anybody else so? I'd play the corners press man 85% of the time and the other 15% would rotate between Cover 2 press, 3 press, and 4 press. Contrary to popular belief deep balls are much closer to 50-50 chance of completion and I'd want them to be as contested as possible, if it leads to a few big pass plays in tight coverage oh well I dare any team to do that for 4 quarters against OSU. Stunts and blitzes would be much fewer and we'd play more straight up defense and less gambling. I'd even go as far to say I'd likely only stunt the DL in obvious pass situations. The risk/reward on stunts just isn't really at the right level to consistently gamble being out of position when OSU has the superior talent level. I think this along with telling the linebackers to forget about the fucking blockers and go get the ball and you'd have a vastly improved defense across the board. I think defensively they're trying way too hard to be cute to make the plays instead of just letting the players play solid technique and out talent the opposition. 

I realize this is all fantasy it's just getting harder and harder to watch the same thing week in and week out... 

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