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Son's 1st Buckeye's Game is Next Week (ttun) - Tips and Suggestions

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November 16, 2018 at 2:24pm

I'm taking my 14 year-old son to his first Buckeye's game ever next week. He's been begging me for years to take him, but his sports schedule has always prevented this from happening.  This year the stars aligned to make it possible, and what better game to break him in with!  

I've been to the Shoe several times when I was younger, but my game day "agenda" back then was quite a bit different than today.  I want to make this an unbelievable experience for him (even though the game will do this anyhow).  We live in the NE Metro Atlanta area, so he's seen several UGA and GT several times, but not any relevant games, and certainly nothing with this type of history or magnitude. 

We're staying at a hotel near the airport Friday night, and planned to Uber to campus early Saturday morning.  I definitely want to see the Skull Session (admittedly, I've not been to one either).  I know that the campus has completely changed since the last time I was there, and was hoping for some tips and suggestions on:

  • What time should we plan to be at the arena for the Skull Session?
  • Where is the best place for Uber to drop us off? (thinking traffic)
  • Best place for Uber to pick us up? (again, thinking traffic)
  • Places to grab a quick bite to eat before the game?
  • Anything Friday night he might enjoy?
  • Anything else on Saturday we shouldn't miss?

Thanks in advance, and GO BUCKS! 

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