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Does Dwayne Haskins Have a "Tell"?

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November 12, 2018 at 1:35pm

Is it possible that Ohio State's running woes on offense are because of Dwayne Haskins? Before you reply with "No crap, it's because he can't run!" The Buckeyes might be having difficulty running because of something Haskins does before and during the snap.

That's right, No. 7 might have a "tell" that is tipping defenses and opposing coaches off to what is coming. On run plays, Haskins has a tendency to lean forward before the play. It is subtle and very close to the snap of the ball, but it is there.

Take a look:

Slight Lean Before The Snap
A slight lean forward before the snap.
Not quite a lean forward, but Haskins' shoulders are not going backward like he tends to do on pass plays.
Haskins' head is slightly forward before the snap and his legs move toward the line as the ball is caught.

These aren't the best examples of his forward lean, but they are the only gifs I could find. If you watch a replay of the Michigan State game, look for it and you will see Haskins lean forward on many of the running plays. 

Does Haskins have a tell on pass plays?

Yes, it appears that Haskins has a tendency to lean back just before, or as the ball is snapped. Again, it's not glaring, but it is there if you are looking for it. 

Below are some gifs that give you an idea as to what the lean looks like. Watch the replay of the games and you will find plays where the lean back is more pronounced.

Lean Back
Haskins' Shoulders and head lean back as the ball is snapped. He runs on this play, but it was designed for a pass.
Lean Back
This gif starts a little late, but you can see his shoulder leaning back as the ball is arriving.
Lean Back
The snap might have been an influence on this play, but Haskins is still leaning back as the ball is snapped.
Lean Back
As the ball is coming in, Haskins is leaning back.
Falling Back
Before the ball arrives, Haskins is already stepping backward

Teams look for any edge they can find. Is it possible that when Haskins leans back and leans forward he is tipping off the defense to what play is coming? This is not to excuse the play of the offensive line, but this tell could be another factor as to why Ohio State has been struggling to run the ball. 

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