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ESPN's Ryan McGee Pens Cover Story on Urban Meyer

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September 26, 2018 at 3:28pm

I don't frequent ESPN much, but we do use the site for one of my fantasy football leagues.   As I went to check to see which waiver claims processed, I was caught off guard by the large picture of Urban walking the 'Shoe this past weekend and the headline "In Columbus, it is like nothing ever happened to Urban Meyer."  Sharing the link to see what you guys think of it... In all honestly it felt like a jab at the fan base and a pretty lousy attempt to connect our situation with that of the one that happened at Penn State.  Just my opinion, but kind of pointless of headline story.


Adding a closing excerpt from the article so one can get a feel for what he is trying to portray.

Yes, they do. Meyer knows firsthand. They become bigger than life in Gainesville, Florida, too. So big that it becomes easy to lose touch, hidden within echo chambers constructed by yes-men, where one begins to believe that it's OK to fumble the details, then act like you didn't. Even when that system breaks down and situations go bad, people still hold rallies in your honor and print defiant T-shirts with your name on them. Bigger than life becomes a way of life. Until that life is taken away, even if for only three games.

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