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OSU vs. Tulane - Empty the Bench

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September 19, 2018 at 8:34pm

Tressels, Fickells and Urbans, 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Texas Christian game last Saturday. Once the Buckeyes turned it on there was no looking back. OSU's defense still needs to shore up it’s susceptibility to the long touchdown, but this team is extremely talented and explosive. Still one of the most talented I’ve seen and compares to 2014, 2006, 2002 and 1998 teams. The game last Saturday was really fun; staying up late with the family...even my third-grader staying up until midnight and cheering for the Buckeyes. 

My third grader and I talk about the game during all the time we log together in the car running around from practices to school and other events. We both agree this might be Dwayne‘s only year as quarterback for the Ohio State. He is at a whole other level from other college quarterbacks. Almost every throw this season has been on target...and there isn’t a type of throw that he can’t make. Also, we both agree that Nick Bosa is the best player in college football. Hopefully he can get healthy and come back soon because he is an unstoppable force.

It looks as if the Big Ten is bad and the Buckeyes are good. We’ll see if that holds but it bodes well for Ohio State as they inch closer to the Big 10 schedule. I always like to see the conference strong and I like for Ohio State to be challenged and tested throughout the regular season...But, it’s also fun to watch touchdowns in bunches and this Buckeye team could hit triple digits in a game at some point this season. Eventually, Ohio State won’t be able to put in the entire bench and burn redshirts...at some point later this season, the second and third strings will still be on the field against weaker opponents as opposed to getting to the fourth string and walk on ranks.

Everyone should still get to play against Tulane this weekend.  For many players this will be the third of four games available to them before they no longer qualify for redshirt status.  It will be interesting to see what the coaching staff decides to do from there.  For the time being, I'll bring my roster to the Tulane game this weekend to keep up as Ohio State empties the bench.  I always enjoy watching the true freshman get playing time in Ohio Stadium.

Touchdowns:  Dobbins, Dobbins, Weber, Weber, Campbell, Austin Mack, Tate Martell, Master Teague

OSU 56 Tulane 0

Go Bucks!  Beat Tulane!  BB Landers for Heisman!

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