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Trouble with the LB Group

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September 16, 2018 at 8:20pm

So this was the one area many were worried about heading into the season, and I think we can see again that poor LB play is going to be an issue this year again.

I'd first say the problem starts with Bill Davis - Urban whiffed here. The guy has tons of talent in terms of players, but the unit sucks once again. He managed last year to see Baker actually regress in play. Maybe you don't hire your buddies...

In regards to what we are seeing on the field -- these guys are constantly out of position and playing the wrong gap. They struggle to get to receivers out of the backfield and regularly get burned on run plays by getting baited inside and then the run turns outside and they can't get there.

Werner seems to struggle getting off blocks, and just looks small out there. Borland while okay against the run, doesn't seem to have the speed to cover anyone. Harrison has been okay, but is out of position a lot against the run (credit to him for the game sealing INT though). Hilliard needs to see the field more, his size and athleticism are there.

They got exposed against Oregon State, and TCU did it too. 

This group is going to be our achilles heel all year I'm afraid. What do you guys see that you think could change?

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