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Curious Case of Demario McCall

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September 3, 2018 at 5:45pm

Tell me 11W readers, what does your crystal ball read for Demario McCall's future at Ohio State?

Weber, Dobbins, Snead, and Teague all saw full drives at RB (and TDs for everyone but Dobbins), yet the curious case of Demario McCall was nowhere to be seen.

10 Buckeyes had receptions on Saturday.  No McCall.

7 Buckeyes had rushing yards on Saturday.  No McCall.

Demario had one kick return.  CJ Saunders had two. McCall's was standard McCall electricity, and it went for 26 yards.

Does someone know something I don't? Is McCall in a general doghouse with the coaches? Will McCall be at Ohio State next year? 



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