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Don't Sweat the Media -- The Narrative Will Shift

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August 23, 2018 at 9:07am

This situation is still the hot topic. Many in the national media are still trying to play the "Urban covered for a domestic violence abuser" angle, which frankly is expected. NOTHING short of firing Urban would change this...and they still would say it even if we fired him.  We may not like it, but the media and other fanbases have the right to question this...it is newsworthy. Having said that, I wish we had more fact-based reporting and not opinion based editorializing. 

OSU set the narrative for the response which will shift the talk on Urban. Just like we saw talk of firing shift to suspension or time served before the report. It's s CYCLE.

(1) The report didn't find Urban or Gene disregarded or covered up abuse. Urban was suspended for poor judgment in being loyal to Earle Bruce. Pete Thamel and others will talk to Urban to get other angles. McMurphy's initial report was erroneous and that will come up again. Urban is suspended for exercising poor leadership judgment (which is required in his contract) and that's what OSU will emphasize. 

(2) Zach Smith will have his day in court. I expect that since the police have never arrested him AND Courtney's mother corroborates his story and not Courtney's that there isn't anything that proves he beat his wife. The DV part of the narrative will slip away after that & we will be talking about the actual issue... namely, Urban's loyalty to Bruce and how that negatively impacted OSU. And this changes nothing about the people who've already formed their opinions of Urban or OSU long before this. 

 (3) OSU will mostly lay low and stary the course & implement systemic changes (and it should). Look at how Michigan State handle far worse accusations implicating Izzo and Dantonio. Other coaches and programs have survived far worse actions/accusations. 

(4) The news cycle will change.  Something worse will happen in the world of sports. Real football will be played soon. Lots happening in politics leading up to the mid-terms. We have short attention spans.

(5) Everyone loves a redemption story. I think Urban is truly sorry he let his loyalty/care get the best of him. I think this is a long-standing trait for him (example, making Aaron Hernandez room with Tim Tebow). I happen to believe that is a respectable trait in a human being, however, it always carries risk. I think that Urban will show that he's still the same man who truly cares about people...even to a fault...but that he's learned from his mistakes. 

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