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Conspiracy Theorist Or Legit?

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August 16, 2018 at 8:32pm

I’m nothing if not paranoid about this pain in the ass that our favorite program is in. While poking around Kyle Lamb’s Twitter feed, I saw a mention of someone with the Twitter handle @OhioStateSmitty. The guy is super cryptic and uses “we” a lot, as if he’s part of some covert underground movement meant to expose the planetary scourge that is OSU. A sampling of his “work” is below. Does anyone know anything about him? 

That makes two of us! Not sure why Julia and Courtney didn't reach out to me since CS should know I would go to bat for her after our 45 minute phone conversation well over a year ago. I've lost track of time in this matrix from hell. #TickTock

Local boys missed their chance and I gave them a direct shot, but I truly don't know if our side will be discussing more publicly. We did NOT like our interaction with @Debevoise & we wanted to put everyone on notice. My ex-wife is putting lots of faith in me

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