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Off Season Musings: A Buckeye Dime Package with Sequential Uniform Numbers?

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March 2, 2018 at 12:16pm

OK, it is the off season, so that explains some of the weird things that pop into minds of Buckeye fans. At least I hope so. In an effort to keep my blood levels of Buckeye football enthusiasm at an adequate level, I was watching the replay of last year’s Nebraska game. At one point, I noticed a lot of players on defense had single digit uniform numbers. That got me thinking about the possibility of fielding a Buckeye team with sequential, low digit uniform numbers. I think last year we could have put a very high quality defensive dime package on the field that met those criteria.

DE’s : #2 Young & #6 Hubbard

DT’s: #9 Cornell & #11 Holmes

LB: #5 Browning

DB’s: #3 Arnette, #4 Jordan, #7 Webb, #8 Sheffield, #10 Riep & #12 Ward

How cool would that have been? This could have been very unique if Okudah would have kept uniform  #1 as listed in last year’s media guide. Then we could have fielded a team with numbers 1-11 on the player’s uniforms.

For all of you who had this thought lingering in your subconscious, you can now sleep better at night. I know I will.

What are your thoughts?

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