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Retired U.S. Army. Recently returned from 15 years in The Netherlands. Enjoying life in New Port Richey, Florida.


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Comment 2 hours ago

Keep on hangin' tough, Cruiser72! Stay Buckeye tough and you'll be fine!

BTW, what was that book you bought? I want to make sure I don't buy it! 
Comment 4 hours ago

With this lead, Day is putting some of the fabulous freshmen in the game. Fields hits Mookie on a seam route up the middle of the field for a 20 yard gain. First and 10 at the skunk's 20. 11:30 left in the 3rd.

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Now there is a song to sing while washing your hands! Or maybe hire a "Yeoman of the stool!"

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Agree that Publix has been pretty cool so far. After the dentist this morning - he will at least look at my chipped incisor - we are heading to a newly-opened Aldi's and get a few things. 

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Wow! I just got an email from the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, asking retired Army medical types if they are interested in possibly coming back on board for this pandemic. They are looking for critical care, ER, anesthesiology nurses, respiratory therapists and medics. I put my license on retired status years ago, so I am not eligible. I am also in that "at risk" age group with several medical issues, or I'd be considering it. (BTW, this was a shotgun email, they were not reaching out to me personally.)

Comment 24 Mar 2020

That is extremely optimistic. I would love for it to be true, but the numbers are still peaking. I'm afraid all the people fleeing NY will seed new hot spots around the country. There are 100+ flights a day from the NY area to Fla every day. Fla. Gov. DeSantis asked these people to self isolate x 14 days with no way of enforcing it. What do you think the compliance rate will be? I expect Tampa and St. Pete to go into lock down tomorrow. It's gonna get worse before it gets better. I hope I'm wrong, but...

Comment 21 Mar 2020

Thanks, Scarlet. He's a good kid. He's 34, but he's still our baby. I wish we could do more to help him, but we can't. (Other than the occasional wire transfer.) We all have to pull together as a family, as a nation and as the human race to get through this one. Prayers out to all!

Comment 21 Mar 2020

Thanks, Grateful. We're kinda hopin' to reschedule our Camino in September, but that's wishful thinking.

Comment 21 Mar 2020

Thanks, Linga, you take care yourself!