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Wichigan Fan Base Should Never Talk Trash if They Ever Get Good Again.

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February 16, 2018 at 10:49pm

I am guilty of reading mgo...because right now it is hilarious...but it got me thinking of some posts during a rough outing on 11 warriors. Let's never forget college football is comprised of young kids literally having their lives put on a national stage as they are learning to become men. The next qb will have some bad moments as he learns how to lead, gain game time experience, and handle life as a young man. Support him! He wants to win and play well more than we do! Wichigan fan base on their blog went way beyond complaining...they disrespected and trashed O'Korn's character, effort and ability. These kids are not professionals and don't deserve that. It happened on here regarding JT last year. If you want to post "I would like to see so-and-so start over so-and -so that is legit. I want to be able to laugh at their fan base without thinking " man we have said that too". To sum it up our team is better on the field, let's not forget to be better on our site. Feel free to discuss a post you regret and laugh at yourself! Go bucks!

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