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Not Just QB Change

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January 9, 2018 at 8:26am

But LT, 3 WRs, RB Saban said to his players y'all aren't getting it done and outside of 1 WR and the LT he played the best players. Michael Thomas tweeted in 2013 that Philly Brown and Devin Smith and the rest of the WR were trash and couldn't get separation. This year former WR Smith said Dwayne Haskins should've been the starter at QB, Vonn bell only got in after roby didn't play, Bosa took the job from Adolphus Washington, Nick bosa should've taken the job from Lewis or Hubbard, Malik hooker should've been the starter over tyvis. It's Urbans biggest fault. Even this year WR Sanders should see the field with the 1st teams but he cant because he doesn't block well or isn't the biggest big but he gets separation. Booker shouldnt have been the starter. It's fear and cowardice you preach the absolute best will play but they don't. Against Oklahoma down 16 Jt still in the game, down 17,24,31 against Clemson still in the game, after throwing 3 picks and down a hell of bunch of points at Iowa still JT. The weeks following the games still JT no one else has a chance. Spring game JT was clearly the 3rd best QB but still JT. 5th year players only get to come back if the coach gives the ok, coach did even after the 31-0 ass whooping. Urban wanted the records and was defiant to the end.

Downvote if you want. The worst part of all this is that because of last night I have to hear it from my coworker who has always lived in the east side never been to Bama or the south for that matter but just jumped on the bandwagon talk his shit. I told him Hurts couldn't win them a national championship and and He couldn't. Jt broke all sorts of records and thats great but when your a 3.5 year starter what else is there to do. 38-6 Vs the 25-2 2 year starter being pulled. It comes down to that whether you have the guts to make the call or you don't but Saban went out swinging down 13 and said hell no I'm not getting whooped on national tv.
Later boys I'm done until spring ball. On to next era.

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