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Gene Smith Scewed the Pooch by Accepting CFP Committe Position.

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November 2, 2017 at 8:46pm


Pursuant to selection rules, Gene Smith is barred from voting for Ohio State in the initial group of 30 best teams.

Likewise, he is barred from including Ohio State in the best 6 pool.

Finally, he is prevented from voting for Ohio State in the final 4, or to have any input on any other bowl game for OSU which is not in the final 4.

To put it another way, when Smith puts in his top 30 list, top 6 list and top 4 list he will be voting AGAINST Ohio State because he cant put them on his lists.  This has serious ramifications in years where the voting margins are razor thin. He's on the Committee for 3 years.

Basically, Smith has neutered the voting power of the Big with respect to Ohio State in regards to the playoffs.  No BIG representative on the committee should come from any school which could possibly make the playoffs- the Big should be represented on the selection committee by the AD from Northwestern, Indiana, Illinois, Purdue, Maryland, Rutgers or Michigan, that way they can pump up the Big in the selection process without the possibility of hurting their own team.

Doesn't Smith make enough money as the AD? Is there nothing Smith wont do for $?

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