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Comment 27 Sep 2020
Great post Beat. Science is science and only those with a political agenda appear to want to deny, exaggerate, or exploit what Covid truly is. Covid is real, just like the flu is real, but if you watch some cable "news" channels that you would have to be convinced we'll all be dead tomorrow from Covid.
Comment 27 Sep 2020
Gotta make those Biden empty stadium commercials seem real. Fans in the stands on Nov 4, guarantee it
Comment 24 Sep 2020
If you read my post you would have seen that I said ND, bama, Clemson, army, Navy, BYU and Cincinnati all figured out how to do something Michigan couldn't. Bama playa this weekend, Clemson, army, Navy, BYU and Cincinnati have already played games. So yes, this post has aged beautifully and will continue to age well as more and more teams compete while the Big1 is on hiatus, due in large part to Michigan
Comment 07 Sep 2020
Wordlessly watching He waits by the window And wonders At the empty place inside Heartlessly helping himself to her bad dreams He worries Did he hear a good- by? Or even hello?
Comment 03 Sep 2020
Bidens running ads showing empty big1 stadiums and blaming Trump, not sure what you can't see, or maybe you don't want to see it
Comment 30 Aug 2020
What's interesting is no player could ever sue theBig10 just the institution it played for...... Which is even more evidence this is purely political. The Big should have encouraged those institutions that want to play to play and encouraged those institutions that don't want to play not to play. Instead the Big Presidents forced schools, who could play safely, to sit out a year of FBS football for personal political goals. Left to their own choice the teams playing this year: Ohio State Penn State Iowa Indiana Nebraska Wisconsin Not playing this year due to political gain: Illinois Northwestern Maryland Rutgers Minnesota Unknowns regarding the political position or situation: Michigan MSU Purdue
Comment 01 May 2019
Nice write up, but all you did was basically list the 2015 2 deep lineup that didn't make the playoffs with a few older players sprinkled in. (And the older players are unnecessary when looking at the 2015 2 deep). 2015 2 deep LT. Taylor Decker LG Billy Price C. Pat elflien Rg RT. Isaaha Prince Te. Vannett and Baugh RB Zeke Elliott Hb/slot. Curtis Samuel Wr. Mike thomas, Braxton Miller, Paris Campbell and Terry Maclaurin QB. Cardale Jones (who has spent 2 years on active NFL rosters and 1 year on Practice squad) and Barrett De Joey boss DT Adolphus Washington (omitted from your list) DT tyquan lewis De Sam Hubbard and Jaylon Holmes SLB. Darron Lee and Worley MLB Raekwon McMillan SLB Dante Booker CB Marshon Lattimore CB Gareon Conley Slot Corner. Eli Apple Safety Malik Hooker Safety Vonn Bell Punter Cam Johnston Kicker Nuremberg Punt and KO returner Curtis Samuel It is criminal that the 2015 squad did not defend it's title with arguably the best collection of college talent on one roster at the same time in the modern era of D1 football. I will argue to the end that if Meyer eats his pride and let's the staff build the offense around Cardale's strengths, then the 2015 team breezes to its 2nd consecutive title. Instead Meyer's ego made him want to prove he was right in selecting JT at the start of 2014 and he was going to prove JT could win it in 2015. We know how that played out in both 15 and 16. JT's limitations as a passer were never going to beat the Alabama's and Clemson's of the world- but Cardale had already proven he could. As Tom Herman loves to quote "having done something is testimony. There's no hope the plan works. It's time tested and it's very proven" Cardale was the Testimony. JT was the Hope the plan works. If you like podcasts, then listen to the Beanie and Boom podcast with Cardale for a behind the scenes glimpse of what was going on in 2015. Very illuminating.
Comment 02 Dec 2018
During the discussions and voting today for the final 4 the BIG10 will not have a representative present advocating for the best conference in college football because he has to recuse himself from the discussions. While Gene Smith is out in the hallway because of his Ohio State conflict, which committee members will be aggressively advocating for the BIG10? . . . NO ONE. . . the BIG10's advocate can't participate in the discussions because the BIG10 has an advocate from the only school that could possibly make the playoffs. Get Smith off this committee because his participation only HARMS Ohio State in the process.
Comment 10 Nov 2018
These are the same receivers JT had, predicted last year people would claim the receivers got better this year after they saw what a real QB could do with the same receivers. Offensive line, play calling , and Haskins unwillingness to take off and run (like Cardale did) when there wasn't anything there is what's wrong with the O. The D is another story.
Comment 19 Aug 2018
On Sunday, McDonald was booked at 5:30 a.m. for "inflicting injury on a spouse or cohabitant" during his birthday party. Officers said when they arrived, McDonald's fiance showed them bruises on her body, and they took him into custody. When he posted a $25,000 bond later Sunday, McDonald said the "truth will come out" and that it was a "crazy situation." It sounds like the 49ers will let his side of the story emerge before acting. “There are going to be two principles at play here,” Harbaugh said “And one is, I’ll speak for myself, I’ll speak for the 49ers: We’ll not tolerate domestic violence. The second principle, we’re firm believers in is due process. And I ask for your understanding on those two principles." Harbaugh feels that way circa 2015, same time frame as Meyer's attempted lynching
Comment 08 Aug 2018
"McMurphy's attack is hitting him from the past, not the present." Which is outrageous. Name 1 coach, college or pro who dismissed an assistant coach based upon an ALLEGATION or ALLEGATIONS. Even the almighty Harbaugh stated that he will not impose punishment for Domestic violence unless or until a CONVICTION occurs based upon Due Process concerns. In the link are his quotes, which are relevant as the date of the article coincides nicely with the date of the ZS unverified allegations. A portion of the article: There are going to be two principles at play here," Harbaugh said. "And one is, I'll speak for myself, I'll speak for the 49ers: We'll not tolerate domestic violence. The second principle, we're firm believers in due process. And I ask for your understanding on those two principles." Harbaugh's answer on why he didn't even suspend his player from practices after said player was CHARGED AND ARRESTED for felony Domestic Violence.
Comment 30 Apr 2018
Minicamp invitee and try out player are the same thing. In Barrett's case he's invited to the 3 day mini camp and is not paid for his participation. If he turns the right heads at rookie mini camp he can then be invited to training camp where he would be paid and have a chance at making the final roster.