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How Would You Game Plan for PSU?

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October 15, 2017 at 4:57pm

The time has come fellow Warriors. We now have our unimpeded sights set on the reigning B1G Champion (W/ 2 weeks to prepare mind you). There is a lot riding on this game, too; mainly, recruiting bragging rights, and potentially; an inside track to the conference championship. 

Knowing what we know now, how would you game plan for PSU?Defensively, I feel like we need to eliminate a few things that they are terribly good at.

1. Saquan Barkley catching out of the backfield... with our aggressive, attacking style of defense it seems like we are susceptible to RB screens and PA to TE in the flat. Barkley on an island is a win almost every time... he has Braxton like shake and power to boot (405 power clean is a massive #)

2. McSorely stepping up in the pocket and sprinting for a first down. He may be small, but he is certainly fleet of feet and can turn 3rd and 7 into 1st and 10 if we don't collapse the pocket or beat their tackles cleanly off the edge.

We certainly don't want to lose our defensive identity, but I worry that PSU can make us pay if we aren't completely disciplined (seeing that screen Nebraska completed for a long gain and wondering what would happen if that is Barkley is a scary thought). My thinking would be to switch up tendencies on passing downs to a more conservative approach by dropping back into zone, blitzing baker Selectively, and pinching the pocket w the line. The goal being to make mcsorely beat us throwing/ thinking while, still bringing pressure, but in a conservative manner. I've seen him make some poor throws this year when pressure is brought and he has no where to run and I would devise my plan around this weakness, but I'm just a guy w no real knowledge of the game.

Love the site, and this is my first time posting on the board, butI'm curious what people that are more knowledgeable of the game have to say about our future opponent. Thanks and GO BUCKS!

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